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What to Look For in Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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I'm frequently asked "What is a Gallery Wrapped Canvas?"

Canvas is becoming quite a popular medium for people to display art and photographic images. For hundreds of years canvas cloth may be one of the preferred substrates artists purchased to paint on -- particularly true for oils. Canvas cloth is available in a variety of surfaces, from smooth to very rough. The texture or thickness of the canvas determines the visual impact. As an example, art or photos displayed on smooth canvas more bear resemblance to a photograph. If the canvas is rougher in texture, the result is more like a painting.

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Wrapping a canvas around a frame in order that the image bends round the edges and disappears at the wall creates what is known as a Gallery Wrap. Gallery Wraps are available in either 3/4" or 1- 1/2" thick frames. The thickness with the frame determines what lengths the image stands from the wall, and also plays a part in the stiffness of the display. A stiffer frame is less likely to warp with age, and so the thicker bars are the safer choice.

The frame for the canvas is made from assembling 4 pieces of wood, called stretcher bars. Since stretcher bars are available in various lengths in 2-inch increments, Gallery Wraps can be purchased in a huge array of sizes, from 8 x 10 inches as much as 40 inches wide and 60 inches high. Gallery Wrapped Canvas may either be hung directly on the wall without a frame, or they could be framed.

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When selecting a photograph for a Gallery-Wrap, remember that several inches with the image will cover the frame for the back. To allow for this, don't zoom and crop your image as much as you would for a framed photo or you may find that the surface of heads end up getting chopped off. Most vendors supply tools that allow you so observe how much of the image is going to be lost at each edge.

The canvas is printed using archival-quality inks inside a high-resolution ink-jet printer. The surface of the canvas will be sealed using the liquid coating or a thin transparent film. More care has to be taken with a liquid coating to make sure a uniform surface and to prevent cracking where the canvas is bent across the frame. Both sealing techniques provide protection against harmful UV rays, but in spite of the, fine canvas should not be mounted in sunlight. Canvas is a very durable kind of art or photographic display which should resist fading or deterioration and provide a lifetime of distortion-free viewing.

Stretching the canvas is a critical step in ensuring the caliber of the finished product. Based on the manufacturer, the canvas is either hand-stretched on the stretcher bars, or perhaps a machine is used to stretch the canvas while a technician staples the canvas to the back of the stretcher bars. The result of a properly-stretched canvas is a firm surface using a drum-like sound if tapped together with your fingernail.

The surface texture from the canvas creates an image with more richness and depth than a standard photograph, often resembling an oil painting. A Gallery-Wrapped canvas provides an elegant and enduring personal decor accessory for your home or office.


Posted Nov 16, 2015 at 5:48am