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Places You Can Learn Street Dance

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While studying to dance in London, there are lots of choices for a Londoner. Choose traditional styles who have maintained popularity throughout time such as ballet, tap or jazz? What about a very popular social dance like salsa? Or even more recent styles for example hip hop, locking, popping or breakin?
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Well all the dance styles above are incredibly popular choices. However this article focuses on the newest of these styles, i.e. street dance. Street dance is a fairly loose term but generally a class described as such in London is likely to teach you how to do routines nearly the same as what you see in many videos. The same can also be said for commercial jazz styles.

So if you want to learn it or any one of its component and associated styles for example hip hop dance, locking and popping where you can go? There are several options.

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A very common option is a dance studio. Even though style is becoming more and more popular with the release of films such as Step Up 2 as well as the success of dance acts on shows for example Britain's Got Talent, may possibly not always be offered at local studios. Sometimes you need to go further afield or to bigger studios to be able to do it.

People often ask, whether it's 'street dance' can it be learned about the streets? The answer obviously is yes. If you have a friend or friends that understand how to do it, it may be a viable alternative. Or if you're fortunate enough to find a dancer hangout with folks who'd be happy to show a newcomer the ropes then you can certainly learn on the street.

Everybody is more comfortable learning inside a dance class though. After all why broadcast your dancing it around the world when you still do not know how to do it yet right? Well learning all the time is actually possible if this sounds like something you're comfortable with but most people will reap the benefits of learning in a studio.

The benefits of learning in a mirrored studio, would be that the mirrors can help you make improvements and adjustments in real time as you go along. When you're a newcomer you'll probably need to make a lot of adjustments in order to appear to be the dance teacher!


Posted Nov 10, 2014 at 4:07am