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Strapping Young Lad


Genres: Metal / Rock / Progressive

Location: Canada

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4 tracks

Members: Devin Townsend- vocals/guitars/keyboards
Gene Hoglan - drums, Jed Simon - guitars
, Byron Stroud- bass

Canadian extremists STRAPPING YOUNG LAD have returned with The New Black, a stunningly well-defined and more diverse effort that is soon to be a landmark in the epic pantheon of heavy metal. The group, led by singer, songwriter and producer Devin Townsend, have redefined their sound, creating what is soon to be the definitive release of their already stellar career. The album, mixed by the renowned Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, Metallica), is a thoroughly entertaining roller coaster encompassing a stunning blend of musical technicality, undeniable melodies and an abundance of shredding guitar solos, all backed up with humorous yet intelligent lyrics. Safe to say, expect the unexpected.

STRAPPING YOUNG LADs most recent offering, Alien, earned wide acclaim, from the likes of Billboard and Stuff to Decibel, Metal Edge, Outburn and Revolver, among others. After relentless touring, the groups biggest break came in the summer of 2005 on the inaugural Sounds of the Underground tour, as their overly intense live performances clearly set the band well ahead of the pack while captivating the uninitiated crowds who were immediately drawn to the bands trademark blend of melodic industrial thrash intensity.

In 2006, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD boldly take the next logical step in their continuous evolution, leaving their contemporaries wondering how they could ever possibly compete.


  • ricardo adams said:
    devon townsand Mar 05
  • more_than_a_conquer said:
    checkout this band http://www.purevolume.com/seventhcaliber Oct 07
  • Sheepslaughter said:
    Dude your vocals are uncomparable to any others, you are a vocal god Jul 01
  • that goonie annie(: said:
    put almost again on here its AMAZING!!!!! May 29
  • MoMo said:
    will someone please tell me how it is ok to associate suicide etc with metal. unfortunately suicide is a common thing and us metalheads are blamed. well i got news, METAL ISNT IN THE SLIGHTEST EMO AND NEVER WILL BE! ALL THOSE EMO KIDS GIVE THE REST OF US A BAD NAME. IF YOUR EMO AND TRYING TO BE HARDCORE DO US ALL A HUGE FAVOUR AND KILL YOURSELF ALREADY NOBODY LIKES YOU OR CARES ABOUT YOUR NON-EXISTANT PROBLEMS! May 27
  • MoMo said:
    i know your secret identity pickles May 27
  • Shane Stubbs said:
    cool Apr 21
  • girl lover of the Ol' northwest said:
    omfg shitstorm is the shit Jan 21
  • girl lover of the Ol' northwest said:
    omfg shitstorm is the shit Jan 21
  • trey said:
    i'd argue that he is a metal god. i do like what he's done with strapping young lad, but i think his real genius comes out in his solo project. its arguable, and he's not like, THE fastest, or THE most extreme in the metal feild, but he just has this personality, and this music that's so different, and crazy. and he is pretty darn fast. and extreme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MObXzYP9Tz0 Nov 23
    Metal god not quite... good but no were near suicide silence or black dahlia,or job for a cowboy,the list goes on and there not on it Oct 03
  • HardcoreFREAK723 said:
    A FUCKIN MAZING!! Devon Townsend is a Metal God!!! this shit FAR BEYOND METAL! WOOT Jul 09
  • chloee. said:
    May 16
  • RRRazMaTaz said:
    You guys are AMAZING! Oct 11
  • HATEandLOVE1988 said:
    detox? Aug 24

The New Black

Jul 11, 2006


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