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Stranded On Third


Genres: Rock / Emo / Pop Punk

Location: Wilmington, DE

Stats: 132 fans / 16,336 plays / 20 plays today






Members: (left to right) Justin l Dave l Derrick l Richie l Bobby

Five close friends and former members of local Delaware bands X-Large and Small Wonder formed Stranded On Third
in October of 2003. They set their goals on writing new music with more heart, energy, and rock than they had ever written... and that they did. Not long after, they released their first demo CD (Synthetic December Studios) featuring "Aid for Asphyxiation", "Sleepless", and their version of Go West's 1990 hit single "King of Wishful Thinking". After parting ways with their old bassist Jeff, they added Mr. Bobby "bebe" Brumbaugh in August of 2005. Since then they have been signed to Tried By Fire Records and recently released their first 5-song EP "this one goes out to you". The boys are constantly playing shows, sharing the stage with such bands as Boy Sets Fire, Punchline, Bayside, Just Surrender, Houston Calls, & Name Taken just to name a few. Stranded on Third is currently shooting their first music video for their song "For Lack of Better Words". Look out for them in your area and come support them on their new adventures. Expect lots more good news to come from this band in the near future...

We're always up for show trades, so feel free to email us at strandedonthird@hotmail.com.

We love hearing from people so hit us up sometime!

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  • Jess said:
    Oh... this is the worst day ever. I can't believe you guys are breaking up! This is so painful... I was really hoping for more of your great music. Your songs... they make me feel things other songs just can't. They affect me in a great way and really make me thing. I will miss you. I've been fighting back tears for a while now, but I think I'll just give up. What's the point pretending? This is really devastating. Good bye, guys. I love you. I'll miss you. I'll take you with me always. Remember me. Aug 08
  • born2die,die2live said:
    wonderful! the levels of potential you guys have will go as far as you're determined to get.i've listened to hundreds of bands....and i can always tell when they have what it takes to make it. you guys are definitely one of em that will. best of luck, and i'm sure san diego will gladly welcome you guys. Mar 01
  • lovesuicide_ said:
    so i basically love yous. saw you at warped 06 in englishtown. you own my life, kbye=] Feb 10
  • solong_iwassoinlovewithyou said:
    heyy saw you guys at the englishtown warped on aug 6th. you pretty much OWNED. haha you we\'re awesome. coming back anytime soon?? please do =) Aug 21
  • magintz said:
    You guys are awesome; looking forward to more songs from you guys ^-^ Jul 19
  • VampyDiabla09 said:
    kisses, love you guys Jun 20
  • lets dance the night away said:
    what is wrong with florida? you are amazing you have an amazing unique sound, i like it. May 25
  • WiiNdiiLle said:
    heyy what up May 15
  • CAPT_A1 said:
    You Guys Are Awsome!!! Bobby reminds me of the lead vocals in Fall Out Boy!! Great job keep it up!! Apr 18
  • iLuvESR said:
    guys!!.... are you playing at the venue on march 31st or not? the 3/31 flyer doesnt say \"stranded on third\" anywhere on it. =( whats up with that? Mar 22
  • panicHITSmonday said:
    I saw you guys at the Grange, you were pretty darn awesome. And I want your hat Bobby. It\'s amazing. Mar 14
  • yourmomwearsgogoboots said:
    saw you guys at sacred last night. even though the night was like super beat, you guys were most deff the highlight of my night, because you guys were AMAZING!!!!! Mar 11


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