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Genres: Metal / Death Metal / Hardcore

Location: Portland, OR

Stats: 41 fans / 24,916 plays / 94 plays today






Members: pInluH HoD - vocals, Khr\'ell - rhythm guitar, Cher\'ron mUchwl - lead guitar, KhRaa\'nik - bass, Qui Pej- War Drums

"...It is said that nothing is darker than the infinite vastness of space...From across this silent void comes STOVOKOR. Five valiant, metal warriors marooned on an insignificant and undeserving planetoid...Armed with a metal forged in the lava of Kri'stak and tempered by the blood of a proud, warrior race. With this metal they shall raise an army of collaborators whose impressionable, corrupt, primate minds shall raise high the banner of terracide. The dawning of a new world order of metal is upon us! The time is at hand to choose your fate: To serve your new masters or die in a futile attempt to defy the Empire. For a species without honor, the choice is clear."


  • kiD Master said:
    impressive you sound tight Aug 28
  • JimMorrison said:
    Hey! Do you guys do any Brian Adams covers? Jul 27
  • Kra'tnor said:
    majQa'! Your voices honor the Klingon Empire! Qapla'!! Apr 30
  • jeravicious said:
    stovokor ....... ture metal Aug 06
  • Radical_D said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 15
  • Radical_D said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 15
  • lenaA said:
    Stovokor is the BEST! The lead singer is AWESOME! Be sure to watch for when they are having a show! Come back to Seattle soon! Dec 14
  • lenaA said:
    Great Band, be sure to check them out, especially the lead singer! Dec 11

Live on KBOO 90.7, 10.24.04

No release date

Metal of Honor

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Juliana Maz

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