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StorySide B (FL)


Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: St. Augustine, FL

Stats: 302 fans / 6,483 plays / 0 plays today






Members: Lu Rubino, Jordan Mohilowski, Matt Lande, Ron McClelland, Preston Pohl

Under the guidance of Jeff Hanson's Silent Majority Recordings (Creed, Alter Bridge) and Off The Ground Entertainment, StorySide:B ("SSB") is already making waves after only a year together. Triggered by regular radio spins and live shows throughout Florida a buzz has formed. The five piece band considers their music to be uplifting and \\\\\\"positive\\\\\\" which appeals to an array of followers. A SSB show consists of high energy guitars and drums followed by acoustic ballads that have people on their feet instantly. The band credits the wide variety of musical influences that each member brings to the table for their unique sound and style.


  • Rocstar Kendall said:
    i miss u guys so much. I saw u twice and both times u guys blew me away. I love ur unique sound. I miss Ron a lot. I got to talk with him for a little while. he was an amazing guy. I hope u guys can keep playing. I miss u guys a lot. God Bless! Apr 29
  • y2chilly said:
    I heard today about Ron passing away. I have just started listening to StorySide:B and believe that God has a purpose for every bad and for every good thing that happens in life. Our times of deepest sadness can lead our lives in two directions; either in the positive and reflective way in which we honor the life and person or in the negative and destructive way in which we hold-on too long and never let God's healing take place. God bless SSB and Ron's family in such a difficult time. Jan 20
  • outoftheditches said:
    haha Lucio had to stand on the step..teeheehee this amuses me. Love you guys though Dec 23
  • Viking Princess said:
    hey guys it\'s your numba 1 fan katherine :D you guys really did a lovely WONDERFUL job at high point last night..... good luck with the 2nd one tonight!! I LOVE YOU RON!!! thanks for calling me your BFF and girlfriend....... it pretty much made my LIFE. MUCH LOVE [post script] you guys need to put some more songs on here. Dec 16
  • tifftiff_2011 said:
    put more songs up!! i like the one you have.. can you make one downloadable, too?? Nov 11
  • moshinjosh said:
    hey its the buckle dude here i just wanted to give you props i did not know you were both christian bands i am listening now well it was nice meeting you guys Oct 03
  • RebeccaWilson said:
    Hey, my name%u2019s Rebecca. Check these out: http://www.bodog.tv/shows/battle/episodes/ http://www.bodogbattle.com/home/ Thanks! Jul 16
  • HannaPlume said:
    more more more more!!!! XD Apr 09
  • Blood-Romance said:
    You guyz r pretty awesome! Apr 08
  • tanacea said:
    My band uses this great free service. I thought you might want to check it out. www.scriggle-it.com ohh wait you helped me make it - ha ha hey boys! Feb 23
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    Hello, I would love it if you could be a fan of mine. Could you please listen to my music? If you are interested then go to www.purevolume.com/kylewallace -Kyle ps. i\'m liking your sound Feb 01
  • said:
    Hey, you guys are just AWESOME!! I love your sound!! Are you coming to the west coast anytime? :) God Bless!! Jan 02
  • yeshuahamashia said:
    HeyHey Preston, How are the dreads going? I was there at SoulFest in NH when you got them. I went to your hotel with Mallory and Nicole...and I also have dreads myself. Remember? Well I hope all is well with all of you guys. God Bless!!! Dec 14
  • sarais@purevolume.com said:
    hey! you guyz are way kool! Nov 18
  • Autumn_C said:
    I just got back from one of your show, and I have to say, that was the best proformance I\'ve seen in awhile! You guys where awesome! Next time you roll around Indy, you can expect to see me there! -Autumn Nov 06


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