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Genres: Rock / Powerpop / Progressive

Location: Valparaiso, IN

Stats: 2 fans / 185 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Kris Lohn - Bass, Vocals

DJ Crenson - Guitar, Vocals

James Hamilton - Drums

stop.drop.rewind is a progressive/powerpop band based out of Valparaiso, IN. Fronted by bassist Kris Lohn and guitarist DJ Crenson, the band delivers a high-quality, dynamic live show. James Hamilton, drums, rounds out the band’s prog-tinged brand of rock. Fans can immediately notice a special synergy flowing from the group, driven by each member’s passion for music and years of experience together. Lohn and Crenson have been in a variety of groups, playing nonstop together since they met in the 6th grade in 2000. After relocating to Indiana for college, they met Hamilton in 2009. After discovering he shares the same intensity, goals, and desire to throw down, they invited him to be a permanent member. They are always working on new material and tightening up their electrifying live set, so make sure to catch SDR at one of their frequent live shows!



Part of the Whole

Jun 14, 2012

Take Me Apart Demo

Jan 21, 2010