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Genres: Metal / Metalcore / Hardcore

Location: Rome, GA

Stats: 2 fans / 427 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Derek Brown, Ken Callaway

Stōnwall (pronounced stonewall) is the outpouring of the collective creative energies of Derek Brown and Ken Callaway, forming a band that spans the spectrum of metal and hard rock genres as well as venturing into other areas some metal bands dare to take on. Stōnwall writes, records, mixes, masters and produces all of their songs in addition to scripting, filming and editing their own music videos. They also create their own graphics and artwork. As you can tell, talent abounds with this duo, and fans in the US and worldwide are starting to take notice.

Stōnwall is also making their presence felt on the internet via their web presences as well as their songs being picked up by multiple online radio stations in the US and Europe. Stōnwall has also been a favorite guest on radio talk shows and the subject of radio interviews.

Ken and Derek originally met in their former band Level 13, which Derek was a co founder of, and both were members of the band for well over half a decade. Level 13 was a staple in the metal scene in the Southeastern US and garnered a loyal fan base that turned out in mass to their shows. Level 13 also built a reputation of never being an opening act at a venue that they did not headline their next show there.

Now with Stōnwall the boys are taking their game to the next level and putting out some of their best music to date. The band is currently in the middle of recording their self released album Martyr. The future is wide open for these two and only time will tell what it has in store for them.




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Cleveland, TN


United States

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