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Genres: Pop Punk / Punk / Rock

Location: Newbury Park, CA

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10 tracks

Members: Joey, Treez, Rippy, and Poodle

Stole Your Woman - the punk quartet from Ventura County, California and signed to SoCal indie label Takeover Records. They are a band which embraces a unique sound in the pop-punk genre. Their freshman release on Takeover Records, In Your Box, has been described as "medium-paced punk rock". Innovative guitars, catchy beats and lyrical wizardy are all integral parts of this album which also features appearances by Ben Harper, Ryan Key and Sean Mackin of Yellowcard. Their album is a must have for any punk fan. Their second album which is more like a split E.P. has 3 more update and a little faster paced songs then the first and it features Peter Munters of Over It. And last but not least we have the album that is due out sometime this year. There are 2 tracks from the record featured here on purevolume. The album is called "The Scene" and its different from the others but it still gives you their poppy goodness with alittle anger for the drive. ADD US ON MYSPACE.. WWW.MYSPACE.COM/STOLEYOURWOMAN

BUY THE TAKEOVER 3-WAY #1 HERE!! Features 3 unreleased songs by SYW, Over It, and Don't Look Down!!

Whats up everyone?? just wanted to let you know we have shows coming up.....So check out the shows page or go to our website or our myspace.....Also we have put up a new song off of our new record "The Scene" due out in Spring of 2006......we also have some other new songs off of the record on myspace, so dont miss out and go hear our new shit!!!!

www.stoleyourwoman.com or www.takeoverrock.com


  • Mike Hart WavaFlowStudios said:
    If you guys are still around... I'd LOVE to work with you! If you ever need any recordings let me know! I work out of Wava Flow Studios in LA at the moment and would love to get you guys in! -WavaFlow.com -Soundcloud.com/HartBeatStudios -MikeWavaFlow@gmail.com Nov 07
  • Ed Ross said:
    ;( You guys are really bad. When my Pandora had the nerve to play me one of your songs (titled 'I don't care', bleck!) I hit the thumbs-down button, but I didn't feel satisfied. So I thought it might help if I tracked you guys down and let you know about what an ordeal you put me through. I'm normally very supportive of even the most aspiring artists, but I'm not used to music that sounds this bad when you listen to it. It seems from the lack of recent activity on this site that you guys may have broken up. This would probably be for the best, however if you are still playing music please be considerate and make it sound better from here on out. Is that a deal? Best Wishes, Ed Ross ed.ross.dont.care@gmail.com Jan 07
  • Emony said:
    really cOol Aug 26
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 24
  • winterFR3$H (to deathh). said:
    (: Sep 20
  • natasza ambre chehovich said:
    Jul 06
  • abbeyrose said:
    i love it. Jun 22
  • Siany. ♥ said:
    Cool Stuff (Y). Jun 15
  • Becca said:
    you guys are pretty awesome May 30
  • Jezxa said:
    the band name seriously makes my life. (: hahah. i like stole your woman. like the guitar. Apr 04
  • falls_alone135 said:
    you guys rock!!! Apr 15
  • thinman said:
    my band uses this www.scriggleit.com Thought you might be interested. -keep rawkin Feb 24
  • gabby g said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 17
  • xXboycrazeeXx said:
    u guys are amazingly good! i love you guys! Nov 17
  • queenjacquez said:
    y\'all are playing on my bday! Sep 05

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