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  • curlyjackiam said:
    When are you guys going to do North America tour again? you guys are fucking awesome Dec 31
  • bunk trunk skunk said:
    OMG saw you guys at northampton AMZAING! :D May 22
  • Raccoonicorn said:
    One of the greatest bands evah!!! May 06
  • alexisonfirerulez said:
    u guys r so cool Mar 30
  • emoxatxheartx said:
    is this the same band who did walkie talkie man?? Nov 04
  • freakyemovet said:
  • The Prison Guard. said:
    Ahh! I love joo guyyssss! Oct 23
  • The Man In The Silver Hat said:
    dudes, th\' stuff is tres awsome. i like th\' new hardcore stylein\', \'tis tres different then afore. keep it up dudes. fat and proud, The Man in the Silver Hat Oct 17
  • said:
    U GUYS RULE Oct 08
  • xo-JessicaPo said:
    Hey guysss! I love you and hope that you can put some songs on here! Hope to talk to later on msn Brad! Can\'t wait for new cd! Ciao! Aug 21
  • Attacker14 said:
    You guys need to put on Walkie Talkie Man! Aug 05
  • musicchild said:
    you need music up! stat! Jul 12
  • orangegiraffe9 said:
    WALKIE TALKIE MAN!!! please pleaseplease!!! Jul 04
  • The Man In The Silver Hat said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 21
  • Spiff11 said:
    you guys are awesome! Jun 18
  • jackie. said:
    Whoa wheres the music?? Jun 06
  • eastcoast <3 scene said:
    add songs! please! Jun 04
  • xxmeowzxx said:
    i love you guys. i found your stuff a few years ago and i love it. :] Mar 02
  • Gosh Darn Indie Kid said:
    \'Walkie Talkie Man\' is one of the best freakin\' songs ever! The video is rad too Feb 15
  • Beka Anne Rose said:
    love you guys heaps. awesome music, if you guys are still makin it big else where.. come back home lol xXx Jan 06