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Stephen Covell

What the nerds need now is love, sweet love.


Genres: Acoustic / Alternative / Pop

Location: San Mateo, CA

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There are many ways to find happiness in this life, some more lasting than others. Personally, the most satisfying way I've found is to lose myself in music. That moment when you find the exact word to sing over the exact chord to express what you're feeling. The look on someone's face when they've truly enjoyed a song you've written. There's nothing like it.

You could say I've taken the road less traveled. I've opened for Keller Williams in front of a few thousand students at Colby College in Maine, played all up and down the west coast, and as far as I know I've been the only medic in the Army to complete a Chinese fire drill around a HMMWV parked on the bridge leading in to Sadr City in Baghdad. (Writing that down makes it seem even more offensive and stupid than it was.)

Music for me is therapy that other people actually want to hear. When I reach that familiar breaking point, I hole myself up in my room and just play. Songwriting takes this huge, confusing world and condenses it in to a handful of beautiful thoughts, and somehow that is enough. Looking back, all I ever really wanted to was connect with people and to that end I've been a success. Who knows where we go from here.


  • Mari Lynch said:
    Stephen Covell not only back in the USA, he's in top form. Wow. http://marilynch.com/blog/?p=281 Sep 17
  • said:
    you sound amazing. like music besides, your personality is refreshing. May 17
  • Jami Lehman said:
    We think you have Awesome Skillz! Keep'em comin'...Jami and Slinky Sep 03
  • Sammie Smiles said:
    This is pretty awesome, please keep writing and singing and playing :) great job Jun 29
  • Mari Lynch said:
    Stephen Covell's "Tunes Attack" on Wave Street Studios last night was a sell-out, standing room only, and the audience's only disappointment was that they couldn't keep him for hours and hours. http://www.marilynch.com/blog Jun 08
  • myquadisfast said:
    dude im not even finished with one song but ur beastly Nates Song is my song casue my name is nate Apr 01
  • scarecrow said:
    Amazing! You're brilliant. (: Jun 29
  • Hayden - Innermission said:
    i kinda like it...keep it up... Jun 16
  • Brooklyn. said:
    love your voice! Jun 11
  • AlexanderXavier said:
    Hey I'm at the Air Force Academy and I'm loving your music, would it be possible for you to ever play here? May 04
  • Chanel05 said:
    Dude I love you so much!!!! Your music is so sexy and such a turn on..your so amazing and hott! Sep 06
  • Sean604 said:
  • missysmisty said:
    fyi, I love you and your imagination and your pretty guitar and pretty voice and pretty words all wrapped up together. play on, my friend. play on. Mar 16
  • Rebekah ♥ said:
    awww..amazing..great voice Feb 13
  • thugmastaj said:
    I first heard your music waaay bRck when you put up the first version of Bottle Rocket. But the piano, bass and drums in I Won\'t Go give it the fullest texture. More of that, please. Feb 07


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