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Stephen Barnes



Genres: Indie / Acoustic / Powerpop

Location: Butler, PA

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Members: me and only me (:

Hello lovely people (:
Well first thank you for having a listen but
id just like to say please check out the myspace
For me songs and fun things
also check click on my album on my purevolume page
for all my songs and you can download them there
so it should be somewhere over to the right of this
where you can click it ha (:

Check out the myspace.

....its more updated and such hahah. :P

Love to all,
Stephen (:

Shoot the Stars Down

I'm falling head over heels for you
but my hands are shaking.
I'm falling asleep to dreams of you
but my heart keeps racing,
and I'll shoot the stars down
so nothing can shine bright as you.
And if you stopped all sound
you'll hear my heart,
my heart beat for you.

Verse 1.
As your eyes intertwine
with veins of color
and the rain falls down
tapping the rhythm
of our heart beats
so lets flip up our hoods
and lay down on the swing
so i can warm your face
with the touch of my lips.


So I'll breathe deeply
and your story
gets written in my veins
your eyes are stuck
in my head
your scents
stuck in my clothes.



  • Kristin said:
    What happened? I miss your music! Apr 16
  • Rachel said:
    I miss your music :( Sep 19
  • MaddyAllison said:
    I found you on Youtube, and your music is just beautiful! I love your voice and just everything about every song of yours I've heard Jul 28
  • taylaa said:
    i was watching a peicing video and i heard one of your songs on it and i just fell in love with you May 23
  • antoinetteirene said:
    i've been searching for some music that i really like, an then i stumbled upon you and i was like damn Jan 05
  • Makayla :) said:
    woowww... i think i just stopped breathing when i heard this music.... WHOAA. lol x) Dec 27
  • AngelOM&M said:
    I just found your music last night and I already know like all the words to Counting Sheep. It's literally my new favorite song. Nov 01
  • lowshie said:
    beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice, beautiful boy Sep 29
  • katie stewart said:
    You're amazing Aug 16
  • Doshielee said:
    You've got an amazing voice, and your songs are awesome man. Lovin it! Aug 14
  • KaptainxxKrunch said:
    Its Been A Year And 'Lost In You' Is Still My Favorite Song. C: Keep Up The Good Work Jun 05
  • 4nDr3W said:
    amazing stuff!!!! Jun 03
  • isabellavanilla said:
    amazing (: i love your voice and your lyrics sooo much! May 27
  • Jasminne said:
    i absolutely love love your sound (: May 22
  • DropDeadKirstyn said:
    You're just plain awesome! :) May 18


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