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Stephanie Pauline


Genres: Folk / Pop / Christian

Location: United States

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Stephanie Pauline's Professional Bio:

Stephanie Pauline has proved herself a force to be reckoned with. The singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, currently residing in Colorado Springs, has spread her message of love and hope all around the world. Though she borrows from many genres, Pauline takes her cues from pop music, crafting radio friendly songs that build and explode in a way that catches the ear. As a songwriter her ultimate musical goal is to have songs playing on pop/rock, country, and Christian radio. Listening to Stephanie, one is reminded of great artists like Sara McLachlan, Jewel and Alison Krauss, as her voice pierces the soul and leaves listeners aching for more. Stephanie's sincere lyrics and compelling melodies draw people of all ages, and walks of life. "I invite others into an honest moment and hopefully encourage them in their own pursuit of truth and a passionate life abandoned to the only thing worth living for: love. I've been pretty pressed in life and I think it has produced a severity and vulnerability in me that people just lean into. It pulls things up from deep within them and unearths hearts." After what she calls five years of darkness, Stephanie says God recovered her and renewed within her an inborn sense of music. Singing and songwriting came to her like breathing or laughing, she says.

As a singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist, Stephanie has garnered attention from record labels and high-level industry professionals. However, alongside this success is Stephanie's tremendous commitment to worthy causes, world relief efforts and social evangelism. The non profit organization More than Music Inc. Stephanie founded in 2004 has enabled her to go on several humanitarian forays, including a month long mission to an orphanage in Vijayawada, India where the singer/songwriter experienced first hand the destitution that plagues much of this world.

Stephanie Pauline has written over four hundred songs and has recorded four albums, having co-produced each, including Rush the Sea and Deep Blue Sky recorded with reknowned musicians in LA and Nashville. Her music is gaining world wide notoriety, and air play, landing two of her songs on the NCM Euro Chart and the CRW Global charts this year. She has been featured in numerous periodicals, won several song competitions, and one of her songs has been used on a soundtrack in a film called "My Lawyer." She performed over 80 dates from 2006-2007 in venues ranging from civic centers, and theatres, to local pubs, detention and treatment centers, churches and coffee houses.

Stephanie is currently planning a Deep Blue Sky tour to be announced soon and plans to record many more albums. You can purchase Stephanie Pauline music at www.morethanmusicinc.com or visit her myspace at www.myspace.com/themorethanmusicband.com.



Deep Blue Sky

Feb 14, 2009

Rush the Sea

May 13, 2008