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Genres: Pop / Acoustic

Location: United States

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  • Sandrine Besteller said:
    I like it 2 weeks ago
  • Lisa Plein said:
    I like it 2 weeks ago
  • Lisa Plein said:
    Just Great 2 weeks ago
  • Paul Grant said:
    You have a fan here ;) Thats for sure! 2 weeks ago
  • Lisa Plein said:
    Big Fan Here 2 weeks ago
  • Lisa Plein said:
    Cool Music 2 weeks ago
  • Lisa Plein said:
    Amazing Mar 02
  • tatarouste said:
    Nice songs !! Sep 12
  • Tanya Rastorgueva said:
    I'm sooo happy u did it babe! U're my everything Jul 13
  • Daniel said:
    Why do you make me feel crazy? Jul 02
  • Daniella Val said:
    I miss the old you. Jan 14
  • Alice said:
    that's so crazy and surreal... I love you so much Gaga! Nov 21
  • Aleex said:
    i love u Gaga, u're the best artist in this world!!! Sep 14
  • Vincenzo said:
    ** Jun 03
  • Spencer said:
    It is crazy when I think about how far you have come! I just want you to know how proud we all are of you! It doesn't matter if we admire your music or not (and I do admire your music), we all admire you as an artist and as a person. Keep doing what you want to do and we will always love you! I know I do. ♥♥♥ Love you, Stefani! ♥ Mar 02

New Material

Oct 06, 2006

Red And Blue EP

May 30, 2006

Sandrine Besteller

Wien, Austria

Lisa Plein

Memphis, TN

Little monster

Middleburg, PA

Tanya Rastorgueva

Magnitogorsk, Russia

Aramís Hernández

Montevideo, Uruguay



Cassandra Leighton

Hamilton, WA

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