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Released May 30, 2006

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Comments (29)

  • Begrantor said:
    Great Aug 21
  • Glerions said:
    Great Aug 16
  • Frenbar said:
    Nice Aug 14
  • Greblit said:
    Nice music Aug 10
  • Loufert said:
    Muzyka kozak Aug 10
  • Gerbines said:
    Something crazy ! Aug 09
  • Berger said:
    Super album Aug 08
  • Rezinosa said:
    Bardzo fajny album Aug 08
  • Rafael said:
    oh my Nov 08
  • TigerianGemini said:
    I want a physical copy of this album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oct 25
  • Tilman Müller said:
    I want a physical copy of Stefani Germanotta playing red and blue live on my piano... Mar 25
  • Chris Lambert said:
    I want a physical copy of this album. Mar 11
  • Emily said:
    I wish i'd discovered you sooner! This album really touches me. It shows that everything you say, is true. You did fight, and you were passionate, and you were knocked.. but you got there. I love you xx Feb 21
  • Sandra Castillo said:
    Omg you're so wonderful. I'm proud of you in all the ways, i know you still be the same person...:) I'm your monster maybe i will never meet you, or hug you, or kiss you, but I will be in your concerts as much as I can. I'm from Mexico. Enjoy everything gaga, you deserve it, and more. Bye. -your monster. Oct 29
  • Naomi said:
    I love you Gaga ! You're fantastic and amazing ! You're MY mother monster Jul 30