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Steeped in Sable


Genres: Metal / Rock

Location: Columbia, MD

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4 tracks

Steeped in Sable is a musical project rooted in hard rock and heavy metal. I provide the songwriting and guitar playing; various musicians provide the vocals. My computer plays drums, though not very well.

You can hear the songs that aren't in the player at http://steepedinsable.weebly.com.


Bree Katz - Vocals on "Reflection", "Bears", "Drift", and "Bears [Pulsing Dark Mix]"

Skye Vasquez - Vocals on "Amount to Nothing"
Hear more here.

Russ Pouliot - Vocals on "A Terrible Fondness", "Emo Song" and "Death Machines for Use in War"
Hear more here.

Lucy Dawn - Vocals on "What Horizons Hide", "Of Roses and Flame", "Alive", and "A Trick of Light"
Hear more at http://www.facebook.com/adamandlucy.

Val Barin - Vocals on "Misinterpretive Dance" and "Drift [Fallen Leaves Mix]"

Jalissa - Vocals on "Summer Days (Flake Away)"

Tammy Markham - Vocals on "Mistake"
Hear more at: http://www.myspace.com/kamunique and http://www.myspace.com/puiband.

Erica Adams - Vocals on "I Hope You Like the Night Because There Will Be a Lot More of Them Now" and "In the Pause Before the Thunderclap"
Hear more at: http://www.youtube.com/9bonekitsawincluded6.

Chad Money - Vocals on "This Narrator is Unreliable, and His Story is Implausible"

Chase Breedlove - Vocals on "18 Days" and "Quicksand"

Bobbi Outlaw - Vocals on "Don't Want Your Fire"

Tanya Hardee - Vocals on "Still Air"

Ronnie Bier - Vocals on "Restless" and "Closer"

Dustin Foreman - Vocals on "When You Are Away"

Josie Wreck - Vocals on "Unveiled"
Hear more at: www.myspace.com/josiewreck.

Myron Todd - Vocals on "Missionaries and Cannibals"
Hear more at: http://www.myspace.com/phretnoise.

Ryan Dunn - Vocals on "Nothing" and "Flicker"

Derek Dean - Vocals and additional music, lyrics, and guitar on "Six Years"

McEldoo - Vocals on "Living Will"

Solana - Vocals on "Anxiety"

Jake Jablonski - Vocals on "Reflection [Strange Affliction Mix]"

Graham Janz - Vocals and additional music and guitar on "Bears [Within These Shadows Mix]"

Jimmy Hernandez - Vocals on "Drift [Nameless Streets Mix]"

Gerardo Fierro - Vocals on "Amount to Nothing [Blue and Grey Mix]", "Drift [Morning's Fog Mix]", "Restless [Laid to Rest Mix]", "What Horizons Hide [Autumn Leaves Mix]", "18 Days [Frozen Ground Mix]", and "Reflection [Worried Breeze Mix]".

Deborah Pyrkosz - Vocals on "What Horizons Hide [Wind's Caress Mix]"

Chase Griffin - Vocals and additional lyrics on "Misinterpretive Dance [A Light in the Haze Mix]"

Henry Mojica - Vocals on "Don't Want Your Fire [Stay Away Mix]"

Josh Anderson - Vocals on "Restless [Forever Caged Mix]"

Sue Curry - Vocals on "Reflection [Rags of Yesterday Mix]"

Nate and Nicole Sones - Vocals on "Nothing [Let It End Mix]"

Rob Akesson - Vocals on "Six Years [Breath on my Neck Mix]"

John Larkin - Vocals, bass and accompanying arrangements on "Anxiety [Cloud of Smoke Mix]"

Andy Tholl - Vocals on "Restless [Within this Grave Mix]"

I have more songs, and I need people to sing them! If that sort of thing appeals to you, send an email to steepedinsable@gmail.com. Same goes for playing bass, if you can play drums better than my computer, or if you want to add some lead guitar.

-Dan Bach

All songs copyright 2008-2012 by Dan Bach.

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  • Estrella said:
    Hi saw your add on craigslist ..I am female latin rock vocalist/songwriter. Have you thought about a rendition with spanish lyrics? chk out myspace.com/ellanena6...Good luck you have some good stuff happening! Peace & Love....Estrella Oct 07
  • lowther@usa.com said:
    I really like the music you've put together here; but it seems your lyrics are lacking. Not so much in the words themselves, but in their placement throughout the song. You should definitely keep at this, though; it's good stuff. Jul 28
  • Amber said:
    I'm totally up for providing vocals. Here's a link to my own project- www.trig.com/bringmethemusic Sep 10

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