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Steal The Air


Genres: Rock / Punk / Indie

Location: Hillsborough, NJ

Stats: 40 fans / 7,733 plays / 32 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Chris, Ian, Eddie, Joe


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"If you like poppy harmonic punk inspired emotional rock of Saves The Day, Midtown, and most of the stuff on Drive Thru and Victory Records you'll dig Steal The Air, an adorable young 5 piece from Hillsborough, NJ. Bolstered by it's bright "shooting star" refrain the love song "Again" could nab the airplay of the aformentioned acts and labels have gotten, if Steal The Air is able to obtain the right push. The six song EP's best written song is "Death of Me", which darker feeling emo fans will enjoy."
- Bob Makin Courier News/Upstage Magazine

"Now theres Steal The Air, and thank goodness. While the band is young and has plenty of energy, the mature and powerful yet melodic sound they deliver on their debut CD "Waiting For Something" belies their age. No screamers in this bunch. Emotional peaks are worked for, and the music is so much better for it. It's the little things that count, like the lead guitar refrain on "Again" which is at once catchy, driving and instantly hummable."
- Chris Jordan Home News Tribune

"Steal The Air have a mature feel about them, almost as if they've lived their lives for so long just to write a song. They're generous with the sharing of experiences and basically invite you into their world then carry you away for the duration of the song, gloriously bring you life, wrapped in their interesting arrangements."
- Kaleidoscopic Magazine (AU)

"Their EP "Waiting for Something" won them a spot on Warped Tour this year at the Englishtown Raceway, so if you're in the area it may be in your best interest to check out their set. This is the sort of music I'd throw on the CD player in my car whilst stuck in unbearable Jersey shore traffic with a car full of agitated comrades; an instant mood fixer, if you will, and without the whiny aftertaste that most bands these days have to offer."
- AudioXposure.com -

"The talent is undoubted, because hey, I don't want to pull my ears when I listen to this result! Pop-Punk that isn't dated or regurgitated, has piano interludes, variety and a clear ability to go places with catchy and cleanly crafted songs" - Zara Burn Burn.com




  • XxXHelsinkiVampireXxX said:
    You guys rocked on the 17! Go Boro! Feb 18
  • Peace Love Party said:
    ha ha haaaa so like yo dudes... its CORIN!!! hahaha i totally am back in boro and im totally coming to your shows... well the jersey ones cause like i dont have a car cause i crashed it... so hit me up or IM me one of you fools at xoCORINox... and u all better keep in touch or ill cry or be angry... LOVE YOU DUDES KEEP ROCKIN!!! Feb 11
  • gangsterer THAN ur MOM said:
    now this is what i\'m talking about. yes.. hell yes. Jan 31
  • amy alexandria said:
    you guys are amazing im going to your show on the 24thh Jan 22

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