Maddie kthx

Another night on the roof in the cold, screaming at the sky, for any kind of answer as beautiful as sunrise in Georgia. Let's get drunk and fall in love. Every other weekend. I'm feeling like I've been buried alive but I tell myself I'm over you. On weekends, I feel you. It's like I'm breathing and you're next to me. And even, if I tell you, you wouldn't listen. Another rock star your list. Rise to the top all day poppin' Cris'. Never the time, never rewind, and say it wasn't mine but I shouldn't have walked away. We're getting closer but we're still so far away. You've got me running in circles again. We are all the things that we love and we hate, so we beg for attention baby. We run and we hide from the lights in this goddamn town but nothing can save us now.