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Genres: Rock

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

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Members: Mark, Dirk, Sam, Ryan

Hello everyone!
Well, tomorrow is the day... and we want to say thanks to all of you, so:
It's been a long few years. There have been some ups and downs and ins and outs, but ultimately, we're a better band as a result. Now we'll see what everyone else thinks...
There's a lot going on, so keep coming around for updates. The album should be available at your local Best Buy, Tower, etc. and if you're local isn't carrying it... DEMAND THAT THEY DO!
For those of you who don't have time for those types of shenanigans, you can certainly reference the list we provided in the last blog for independent music stores, and there's always iTunes!
The HD formatted video for "It's Beautiful (Once You're Out Here)" is nearly finished - nips, tucks, standards, practices - and we'll be letting you know where to request it, so again, hang around. (There will be an alternate and unedited version available on www.howtolivewithacurse.com soon!)
Again, our humblest thanks, and enjoy!
The Stavesacre Foundation (t.s.f)

Stavesacre's new album How to Live with a Curse is due for release April 18th, of 2006. Produced by Matt Hyde (who's done everything from No Doubt and Porno for Pyros to Slayer, Fu Manchu, and Hatebreed)How to Live with a Curse is the fifth album from this southern California rock band.
Production is currently wrapping up with Darren Doane (XDOANEX) on a high definition video for the first single from the album, Its Beautiful (Once Youre Out Here).
Stavesacre will be playing a number of dates around the country and abroad in support of H.t.L.w.a.C.

Bull Takes Fighter, a four song E.P. by Stavesacre, was recorded with Bryan Carlstrom (Social Distortion, Alice in Chains, Orange 9mm) and released in the Winter of 2005. The E.P. represents the return of the band to a four-piece lineup and has been available in limited release from the bands website, www.stavesacre.com

Pre-order How to Live with a Curse by visiting our good friends at Zambooie! (The first 500 copies will be signed.)

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  • Rich Mammoliti said:
    hey check out my band! www.facebook.com/breakawayofficial our influences are 30 seconds to mars, ym@6, Anberlin Apr 21
  • muz1 said:
    Stavesacre have been there for me since friction was released. Every album has helped me get through life. I live in Australia and have never seen them live but their music breathes life. Thanks guys for staying true. You are always in my prayers. Aug 24
  • Joshua||| said:
    your my favorite band!!!!!! Sep 03
  • ♥killedbyanangel♥ said:
    hey theyr good but anberlin was never in diapers! the first track off their first album is their best!!!! and i would know im obsessed with anberlin!!! lol stavesacre u rock! Mar 07
  • ♥killedbyanangel♥ said:
    hey theyr good but anberlin was never in diapers! the first track off their first album is their best!!!! and i would know im obsessed with anberlin!!! lol stavesacre u rock! Mar 07
  • teamblack3 said:
    You guys are the best!!!! Sep 30
  • Fractured Pixel said:
    Alawys enjoy your music... burning clean is still one of my favs. I like your new stuff alot but minuteman was brilliant! very few bands come close to what you guys have done.... all the new groups out there must be in awe of your sound....can\'t wait for your next project...... Sep 26
  • LilSassyTx said:
    Love you guys. Trying to sign up on mailing list and links from here and from myspace don\'t work. Your main site is down too. Help? Aug 29
  • SHOWBREAD said:
    wow, you guys are amazing. ive known and listened to you guys for a while but i think this is the first cd i REALLY want to get. stay close with God. P.S.~ i really liked your article in HM magazine. Jul 05
  • deeperstilrocks said:
    stavesacre, you guys have been inspiring bands since Anberlin was in diapers...you guys are amazing...thanks for the new album May 10
  • said:
    I. heart. You. Apr 18
  • Dbur said:
    u guys have the perfect mix of harder rock and anberlin they\'re good but u guys could be better Apr 11
  • said:
    It\'s been a while guys. Glad to see yer back. We\'ve met before...I used to hang out with Scott Albert on LI before he went to Detroit. Anyways...can\'t wait to pick this up...come to PA...I knows it\'s kinda lame here but we need some good tunes. Mar 24
  • KAHUNASAN said:
    Gentlemen, I know you guys have been around awhile, but this is really the first time I have checked you out before.......nice sound.....killer guitars! Mar 22

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