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Over 40 And Looking To Quit Smoking? Try These Great Tips!

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Many smokers become addicted to nicotine, which is a very addictive substance, making it hard for them to quit. This is the key reason that you will physically and mentally struggle to quit smoking. Make sure you have solid information on the best way to proceed so that you have a great chance of reaching your goal. elektriklisigara

If smoking a cigarette is something you cannot avoid, at least try and stall for time before lighting up. Tell yourself you need to take a long walk before you could smoke, or try to drink a glass of water prior to smoking. Sometimes, these delaying tactics provide enough time for the craving to pass before you ever light up. By using the delay technique you may smoke one less cigarette a day.

When attempting to quit smoking, you should aim to ban smoking within the home. You will find it easier to stop smoking if you create a situation in which it is inconvenient to get a cigarette. Outside, the weather might not be so great and there are no nice things like Netflix to keep you occupied.

Spend time thinking of reasons to quit smoking. Document the reasons why you want to quit and paper and carry it with you wherever you go. Whenever you feel like having a cigarette, pull out your list of reasons and remind yourself of why you quit in the first place.

If you are quitting smoking, create a system to reward yourself for your success. If you are no longer buying cigarettes, you will have a lot of extra spending money. Use the money to reward yourself with a special gift from time to time. Use this idea to keep you motivated in your cessation efforts.

If you wish to quit, try having a lot of suckers. Try sucking on a lollipop instead of smoking. Your hand can have something to hold, similar to when you have a cigarette. Meanwhile, your mouth stays occupied with the candy. Keeping both your hands and your mouth occupied will help break the craving more quickly.

If you are finally ready to stop smoking, then get the support of your friends and family. You should tell those persons who are important to you that you have decided to quit smoking. They can cheer you on and give you support, and that can be a big help for you. Additionally, consider taking advantage of behavioral therapy or an in-person or online support group to get more support towards quitting.

Replace your smoke breaks with exercise breaks. You'll notice you have more energy and longer workouts as your body beings to reverse the detrimental effects of smoking. You'll not only benefit your body with the exercise, but you'll also find that you have less cravings as your body cleanses itself.

There are many counselors who offer services to help you quit smoking. Sometimes, there are emotional reasons as to why a person smokes. By dealing with the issue, it can help any urges to smoke disappear. If this interests you, your family doctor should be able to point you in the right direction and offer a referral.

One thing that greatly complicates kicking the smoking habit is the addictiveness of nicotine. Quitting can be a challenge for people, in their body and in their mind. Ease the pain of the process with the tips provided in this article. It is possible to quit smoking by applying this useful information along with your own hard work.

Posted Mar 31, 2013 at 2:38pm