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The Stashed Ensigns

This is what happens when you pay us to do nothing


Genres: Rock / Pop

Location: Pensacola, Florida, FL

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4 tracks

Drums - Christian Cardon
Guitar - Chandler Jones
Guitar - Ray Keffer
Bass and Vocals - Timmy Wall

In the fall of 2009, the training of student naval aviators in Pensacola, FL came to an abrupt halt as the primary trainer, the T-34C was recalled for rudder cable repairs. Suddenly, the five hundred newly commissioned flight students waiting their turn to start would wait even longer.
Drummer Christian Cardon of Utah had an idea, I've got all this music equipment, and live in this skanky neighborhood, let's start a band! Along with his Nevada roommate and guitarist Chandler Jones, he posted an advertisement in the Flight Management foyer, hoping to attract any of the other students who could hold a note. Timmy Wall from Massachusetts sheepishly attended a few sessions, inviting his BU classmate Ray Keffer from Ohio to play lead guitar. Timmy wrote three songs, and Lube it was written by Christian and Chandler. They played for months, until training finally resumed, having half the band go to Corpus Christi, and the other half remaining in the Pensacola area. Christian found Dave Sands, a Nashville, TN sound engineer who helped the SE lay down four complete tracks up until the final days.
Another Pink Sheet EP was released October 2nd, 2010.

September 14, 2010
The album is on its way out the door! Come back for updates, and check out the newly mastered songs

August 7, 2010
All four pre-engineered tracks are up

August 6, 2010
Lube it almost becomes about another blonde chick that broke Christian's heart but luckily Jackie persists for the win

August 6, 2010
Have you tried the new Firehouse Subs brisket thing? Holy fack I ate that right before we recorded Haste Makes Waste and Lube It

July 22, 2010
Ok we're getting there, here's two tracks to sample

July 6, 2010
Laid down the guitars by Ray and Chad before they leave for Tex Ass
June 1, 2010
Christian just found a studio, we're going to record the tracks!



Another Pink Sheet EP

Oct 02, 2010