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Starved Deer


Genres: Metal / Metal / Rock

Location: Cow man world, MI

Stats: 25 fans / 2,495 plays / 16 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Moose-Bass Jake-Drums Garrett-Guitar Patric-Vocals/Piano

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have reached 1000 plays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes i realize some band get way more than that a day but we got 1000 plays and we only get like 7-10 a day most of the time. the most we have gotten in one day is like 25 so, thats a lot of days to get to 1000, so I'm happy about that ok, and if you have any commplaints put it in a comment, kk.

www.betarecords.com/starved.deer this site will have all of our old songs that have been replaced with new things. So if you want to hear the other stuff you have to go there. Yeah...Ok....

Ohh, and please leave coment even if it's to say how much we suck. Now now I know what your thinkin', we are so freakin' good you would never think of saying anthing bad about us. (lol...... Why do I think thats funny?)

Look at the fotos, I made them on paint.

P.S. Sorry about any bad jokes I may have put in here (they amuse me).
Thank you for your time.


  • ItalianOreo said:
    hahaha I love your art on here...do not feed the deer. that\'s hilarious. and the guitar work is pretty sweet on here too. Oct 03
  • BunNyS aND fLoWeRs said:
    I ♥ Starved Deer. If you\'re reading this: Hi Josh! .. :] May 13
  • afakesmilexo said:
    niiiiiiiice. love the photos. lmao. cool music too. =] Feb 13
  • tarynne marie is the whitest kid u'know. said:
    omg why did u take the nun song and the mark is a fag song off?? those were the best ever...sigh* they were on my playlist and i was lookin to show my other friends, and it was GONE...lol...i love yall tho * Dec 06
  • said:
    HEY!!! wow, i really haven\'t gone on this for awhile...yeah, your message made me happy AND sad, cause, you know, you guys will probably end up being a wicked cool band and i guess it will all work out for the best...do you have a myspace by any chance? well, gtg, but hope to ttyl♥ Dec 05
  • dino_nerd said:
    This is so funny, Nov 26
  • tarynne marie is the whitest kid u'know. said:
    hey thats cool. i have to tell you though, that\'s the hottest nun i have EVER seen. l0l. yeah..that pretty much rocks...ur face..oh yeah Oct 26
  • tarynne marie is the whitest kid u'know. said:
    you guys are rly funny. but may i suggest..changing up the sound of ur music a bit..too much alike on v22 and not pengwins. Oct 25
  • _Dark_Wolf_ said:
    Great job with the 1K guys! Oct 19
  • said:
    Looks like you guys are becoming a big hit! good luck with the new drummer!!! aka jake i guess... So...good luck jake. Oct 06
  • Joey71 said:
    love the pictures made on paint, I remember when I made stuff for my band on paint... Oh wait, i still do Oct 04
  • said:
    Do you like...EVER go on his anymore?!?!?! Everybody is parting for the school year...i feel SOOOOooooo alone. Sep 26
  • said:
    Hey...I got a picture...I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!! hopefully talk to you soon! Sep 13
  • _Dark_Wolf_ said:
    Lol. Like I said, I couldn\'t get the deer to look starved, so I settled for burning. Mmm....crisp. XD Sep 04
  • _Dark_Wolf_ said:
    MAKE MORE SONGS DANGIT!!!! XD Lol. That\'d be awesome. Make one about the carrot and the unic(did I spell that right?) thing. Sep 02

Do Feed the deer

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