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Genres: Indie / Rock / Alternative

Location: Portland, OR

Stats: 1,422 fans / 127,932 plays / 93 plays today





7 tracks

Members: Jason Bell, Kevin Calaba, Dan Orvik

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Centuries Before Love and War

The Antarctica EP

Available on iTunes Now! Contains a new ambient mix of Movies of Antarctica, an acoustic version of With You, and the previously unreleased Foreign Snow. Also included in this iTunes exclusive is the video for Movies of Antarctica. Click here to buy the EP now!

Movies of Antarctica

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Click here to get CENTURIES BEFORE LOVE AND WAR on iTunes.

Four Stars - Alternative Press, March 2007

"Standout 'Movies of Antartica' is a desolate stadium anthem that echoes Radiohead and Coldplay." - Billboard, January 2007

"The Portland trio, whose shoegazer sound is a dreamy mix of keyboards, electronic samples, chiming guitar and throbbing bass lines...a further dip into this impressive debut reveals some expansive rock songs that deserve to be heard on the big stage." - VH1.com - Must Hear Albums, January 3rd, 2007

"Centuries Before Love and War is good enough to scare the Postal Service gang back into the studio." The Boston Globe, January 2007

"Stars of Track and Field are masterminds of atmosphericsThe groups lushly crafted alt-rock aims high-for the arena rafters, even-but in a way that is smart and indie-minded." - The Denver Post, January 2007

"A little bit poppy, a little bit electronic, a little bit dreamy. All together amazing." - NY Post's Best Songs to Download from 2006, December 19th, 2006

"...the results are quite stunning, as Centuries Before Love and War, a follow-up to their self-produced debut EP, You Came Here for Sunset Last Year, proves.What hasn't changed is the Stars' glimmering, gloomy, shimmering, shambling style, but the electronics allow them to vastly expand their musical palette, add a plethora of shadings and textures to their songs, and evoke rock's rich past." - Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide / Billboard Magazine

"...you will not want to miss your chance to meet your new favorite band, especially if you're a fan of the beautiful, emotionally fractured and deftly dynamic sound of Disintegration-era Cure or pre-major label Wheat. " - Nashville Rage, August 2006

"...a stunning and desolate beauty to Stars of Track and Field's debut album. The crestfallen vocals of singer Kevin Calaba backed by lonely synths and hushed electronica conflate into one big murky sparkle, giving the album a dark and stirring sheen." - Amplifier Magazine

"...digital beats with a little bit of guitar rock. At times one aspect of the band overpowers the others - breaking through the sound we had just gotten used to." - Gothamist

Stars of Track and Field traverses sonic territory, from digital to analog and back, oscillating between minimalism and grandiose walls of keyboard and guitar. Influences that range as far DAngelo and Aphex Twin to The Beatles and Built to Spill can be felt through this amalgamation of sound and feeling that subtlety leaves an indelible stamp on all who come in contact with the aural soundscape.

Stars of Track and Fields debut EP, You Came Here for Sunset Last Year, was released in June 2005 and became an instant staple on radio in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout Portland and Seattle, and across the region, the band sold several thousand copies of the recording via an old-school DIY approach. Live shows, local independent retail stores, and enthusiastic praise in Best of 2005 critic lists and readers polls fueled this groundswell. SXSW Executive Producer Matt Dentlers blog listed Stars of Track and Field as the #4 Band to Watch for 2006, and soon thereafter they signed a deal with Southern Californiabased indie label SideCho Records. They returned to the studio in early 2006 with the team of Tony Lash (Dandy Warhols, Elliot Smith) and Jeff Saltzman (Stephen Malkmus), who had produced the highly successful ep, and recorded their first full-length offering Centuries Before Love and War. The album displays the bands signature dichotomous formula, successfully mining elements from across rocks history while simultaneously embracing the digital technology of the future. This recording caught the attention of Wind-up Records, and the band has segued from SideCho to the larger independent. Centuries Before Love and War is available now on iTunes.

US Booking: Jeremy Helgersen - jeremyholgersen@theagencygroup.com
CAN Booking: Alex Grigg - grigg@slfa.com
Management: Tom Ackerman - tom_d_ackerman@yahoo.com


  • Chissy said:
    loving loving stars of track and field! a time for lions has legit been on repeat. can't wait to see them live with blue october! it's going to be such a good show :) Apr 16
  • justice731@aol.com said:
    building* stupid spacebar, broke again. Dec 17
  • justice731@aol.com said:
    this sounds weird, considering i don't particularly push religion down peoples throat, but to me, they sound like b ui l ding 429; a favorite christian band of mine.((: Dec 17
  • Parker Gates said:
    The album is awesome checkout their myspace page if you havnt heard it!! http://www.myspace.com/starsoftrackandfield Sep 28
  • mademan FIASCO said:
    i found another deal for anyone that doesn't have the album yet. it's only $7.99 on iTunes! http://bit.ly/1anzdg Sep 27
  • imaginecupus said:
    Not sure if anyone here is familiar with it, but Microsoft does a student tech competition called Imagine Cup. It’s for high school and college students who want to use technology to improve the world…whether they be game designers, programmers, graphic designers, film makers, photographers, etc. It’s a pretty amazing competition full of grand ideas. Aside from that, Imagine Cup is giving away $10,000 and trips to D.C. and Poland (for the Imagine Cup 2010 World championship) just for registering on their site. You don’t even have to compete…you can just win money! Pretty cool. Give it a look, find out more about Imagine Cup, and enter to win here: http://tr.im/zlm7 Sep 21
  • mademan FIASCO said:
    i just preordered the album and it's going to come signed! http://www.newburycomics.com/rel/v2_home.php?storenr=103&deptnr=606 Sep 14
  • Chissy said:
    so pumped to hear the new album, it should be awesome! Sep 12
  • Anne Stone said:
    hey guys....just letting ya'll know you can download a free podcast from thriving ivory from Hotel Indigo's site. Its actually legit and pretty sweet! Here you go and hope you enjoy! http://podcast.hotelindigo.com?cm_mmc=americas-_-in-_-podcast-_-thrivingivory_purevolume Jul 29
  • Anne Stone said:
    hey guys....just letting ya'll know you can download a free podcast from thriving ivory from Hotel Indigo's site. Its actually legit and pretty sweet! Here you go and hope you enjoy! http://podcast.hotelindigo.com?cm_mmc=americas-_-in-_-podcast-_-thrivingivory_purevolume Jul 29
  • Grace Grenade. said:
    Not going to lie.. I was trying to find the band Stars, and I end up stumbling on you guys. Definitely my best fuck up ever. You guys sound so, beautiful. I actually almost started crying from how pretty you guys sound Movies of Antarctica. I plan on falling asleep to you guys tonight. Love it, so much. May 11
  • tabiji said:
    With You is so beautiful. Dec 08
  • gracie said:
    so you guys on some show called rock and a hard place. hahaa Sep 09
  • HillaryHAVOC [Back in Black] said:
    Okay, I found yall on myspace a year ago at work =]....and then I couldn't remember your name..and have always been trying to find you. and NOW I DID. and You just made my year. I fucking love your music. Jun 29
  • abbeyrose said:
    i love you guys. your music made me cry. im just emotional now..but still its beautiful and real. music we need Jun 24

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