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Starlit Sins


Genres: Pop Punk / Alternative / Rock

Location: Sault Ste. Marie, ON

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Members: Supak (bass), Wes (Lead), Pooch (Rhythm & Vox) Just (Drums), Simon (Vox)

Once Beneath A Starlit Moon there were five young men who were fed up with playing sports and trying to fit in. They were drawn to music and making new sounds that no one had ever heard before. One day one of these five young men, Pooch, decided that he wanted to play music with others. So he went to his cousin, Justin, and tried to convince him to start jamming with him. It was an easy task. Not long after, they had begun to start auditioning for additional band members. After a long search for another guitarist they had found what they were looking for. His name was Wes and his skills far exceeded anyone else at the time, so he took the lead. After sifting through horrible bassist after horrible bassist the band gave up their search for other members and decided to just focus on developing their talents. It wasn't until about 2 months later, after they had acquired a decent vocalist, that they called up a friend they knew who played bass in a rival band and asked if he'd like to play a show with them. After that show, Supak was a perminant asset to the band. 2 Minute Warning was formed.....


On the other side of the city a young man named Simon, who had been singing since he was very young, was convinced into joining the rival band that had just lost it's bassist (Supak). Simon liked the idea of having a band on stage with him... but he wasn't exactly into the music he was playing with this band so he quit only 6 months into it. Now, Simon was already friends with Justin, Supak, And Pooch because they all went to the same school and they all seemed to share the same love of music. Pooch and Simon would soon grow to be best of friends and would write songs and jam just the two of them even though Pooch was in the other band.

After playing show after show and getting praise for their musicality but getting bashed for their vocals, Pooch decided it was time to get a new lead singer. The only problem of course was convincing the rest of the band who had grown fond of their leader. However, with the doubt in their lead singer already building the band decided to take a break. Little did they know that the break would be the end of 2 Minute Warning.

About 2 months later Simon and Pooch were both fed up with not playing shows and were dying to perform again. Pooch called a band practice and this time Simon came along. It was an instant fit like a glass slipper. Simon had been the missing piece to the puzzle and it was all starting to make sense. The band practiced and practiced and started playing shows whenever they could. People became excited about this band that was so talented at such a young age. It was then, Under a Starlit moon that a force was errected from the wreckage of two bands which were not quite whole.

Starlit Sins was born.