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Debut EP this Fall!


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Post Hardcore

Location: Mesa, AZ

Stats: 5 fans / 383 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Andrew Gross - vocals; Aaron Quintero - guitar/vocals; Ruben Arellano - lead guitar; Kenneth Mustafa - Bass, Radison Riding - Drums

Starcross is a 5-piece rock band from Mesa, AZ. Originating as an acoustic project in August 2007 with vocalist Andrew Gross and guitarist Aaron Quintero under the name Stryfe and Scotty, the band has since grown into a much bigger force, gaining momentum under even the toughest conditions. After several lineup changes, the band was finally set and ready to take on the music scene. They have played shows with bands such as ColdFusion, Ministry of Love, American Dali, Capture The Flag, and Before The Fall. Their first radio appearance was on the Bill and Bo Show (Pacific 106).

The band started out after previous band All Eyes Open dissolved. Stryfe and Scotty took over their old MySpace page. After releasing their first song titled "I Hate You" and old friends and new fans receiving it well, Stryfe and Scotty decided to continue writing.

On December 19, 2008 they played their first gig. After that they decided it was time to progress. Originally on the side of Stryfe and Scotty, Starcross was created. Several other musicians were asked to participate. The original lineup was formed, adding lead guitarist Ruben Arellano, bassist Forest Walldorf, and drummer Kevin Easterday.

September 11, 2009 was the day that Stryfe and Scotty and Starcross became one. It was announced during their show at The Clubhouse Music Venue that the change was taking place. Three months later, Starcross played their first show at Club Red.

Due to creative differences, Walldorf and Easterday were dropped from the lineup and replaced with Josh Morris (bass guitar) and Radison Riding (drums). After getting a solid lineup, Starcross started booking music festivals such as the Live Loud N Local Music Festival.

Starcross has played at:
The Marquee Theatre (Tempe)
The Clubhouse Music Venue (Tempe)
Club Red/Red Owl (Tempe)
The Underground (Mesa)
Warehouse 201 (Phoenix)
Copper State Tavern (Glendale)
Pacific 106 Studios (Phoenix)

Starcross has played with:

Ministry of Love,
Capture The Flag,
Lost In Atlantis
American Dali,
Before The Fall,
6 Aside,
Sons of 7,
Kill Me Courageous,
Distorted Image,
Let Fate Decide,
Frantic Arcade,
The Dreaming,
Some Never Sleep,
Jacob Tyler Lucas,
Cycles of Surrealism,
Shane Bojarski,
and more!



Starcross EP

Feb 25, 2014

Manufacturing A Lie

No release date