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Genres: Rock / Post Hardcore

Location: Columbus, OH

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4 tracks

Members: Brian, Darin, Grant and Israel

Ire and Hubris befall introspection and humility on this commanding ride that is Staple's follow-up to their critically acclaimed self-titled debut. Produced by indie rock maven Sylvia Massy Shivy, "Of Truth and Reconciliation" is an unpredictable and progressive move forward that maintains Staple's signature sound.


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  • CBD said:
    to bad you guys arn't doing anything right now i like the sound Apr 11
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    Check out my youtube account account.... http://www.youtube.com/longboardskillz Jul 02
  • Emma said:
    wink ;F May 14
  • Emma said:
    wink ;F May 14
  • Jared said:
    I'm seeing you at Alive! Apr 05
  • Veronica said:
    the rumor is the band is reuniting, not sure how true it is yet Feb 04
  • Alex X said:
    see i told you bonita!!! XD Feb 02
  • ♥Bonita♥ said:
    my friend told me about u guys and he was rite u guys are amazing Jan 11
  • XPyrotechnicsX said:
    I got my copy off of Amazon, I don't know why you can't find it anymore. I really wish they would get back together, I've scoured iTunes and kind find any music remotely similar, or even half as good. Excluding Project 86. If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I just wish I'd heard about you guys before you'd broken up, but while I may never get to see you in concert, your music is still inspiring. Thanks. Dec 12
  • skirace2 said:
    Would anybody know why it is so difficult to find Of Truth and Reconciliation in stores and online? The album used to be on sale on iTunes, now it is no longer--same with Amazon.com. Anyone know of any reason for this? Dec 08
  • AutoStart said:
    You guys should really consider getting back together. They STILL play you on RadioU (88.7 in Columbus, Ohio) all the time. You are requested so much it's crazy! You guys inspired my friends and I to start a band, and now I'm trying to talk you guys into getting back together, so you can inspire more. Thanks for the absolutely amazing music Staple, thanks. ~AutoStart Sep 23
  • God's Warrior said:
    Im a long time and forever fan, God Bless you guys in all your adventures after this. Jun 01
  • kip sanders said:
    you guys are so cool same here i would love to learn some things from your bassist god bless you all and please get back togheter May 09
  • harrypotter1707 said:
    I love u guys please don\'t quit!!! Nov 01
  • StapleRocker said:
    I love Gavels From Gun Barrels and u guys rock so hard Jun 17


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Of Truth And Reconciliation

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