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Stage Fright Remedy


Genres: Acoustic / Rock / Folk Rock

Location: Niles, MI

Stats: 580 fans / 147,767 plays / 40 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Rachel (vocals) | Taylor (guitar/vocals)

What started in early childhood for siblings Rachel and Taylor Clark, has finally blossomed into a mature folk-rock sound. Tender and vulnerable, stripped down and raw with emotion, Stage Fright Remedy shows you what they feel and makes you want to feel it too.

Displaying a remarkable wisdom and insight, Rachel, 22, and Taylor, 19, blend modern acoustic rock with traditional folk music to create a captivating experience. Rachel's sweetly tempered melodies add a more gentle spin on Taylor's emotionally charged vocals, while teasing acoustic melodies provide the perfect backdrop for strong, and surprisingly mature lyrics. Stage Fright Remedy brings us to a more serene place while chronicling the struggle it took to get there.

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  • marcioagnelo said:
    For those who like Stage Fright Remedy, I did a version in their honor music No One Can Take Away. You can download it ... is not a virus ... regards link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ac5ga6 Jun 02
  • Window_Serenade said:
    YES!!!! YES!!! A THOUSAND TIMES . . . ..YESSS!!! please please release an album. I WOULD DIE HAPPY IF YOU GUYS DID!!! please make a full length CD, i want to add your CD to my collection. . .SO PRETTY PLEASE. .. .with cherries, whip cream, and rainbow sprinkles on top!!! Mar 30
  • Window_Serenade said:
    I love your guys song \'Waltz\' i always listen to it when i come on here. It\'s so beautifully written and i love how the guitar sounds and piano. . they mesh so well when you guys play.. And Taylor, your voice is so wonderful. . it makes me feel like i\'m in a happy place. I can listen to it forever : ) Dec 12
  • Window_Serenade said:
    I really love your guys song \'Waltz\' it\'s so soothing. . .where can i get your guys CD? i bet it\'s so awesome. . .keep it up kids!! Nov 28
  • dinos4urz said:
    you guys are just soo amazing its unbelievable.Rachel your voice is outstanding Taylor you play guitar quite beautifully much love. Nov 26
  • dinos4urz said:
    you guys are just soo amazing its unbelievable.Rachel your voice is outstanding Taylor you play guitar quite beautifully much love. Nov 26
  • shelby[oh dear] said:
    you should put up my casanova. Sep 16
  • olayaah said:
    You guys are awesome! Bring out some more songs for us to adore :) Jun 05
  • olayaah said:
    You guys are amazing! Give us some more songs to adore! Jun 05
  • musiqmaniak2009 said:
    wow you two really are amazing! my friend and i listen to you in the car/at school/while we chill all the time! 8) May 12
  • sayese said:
    you guys are unreal come to canada!!!!! Apr 14
  • sleepyhaze said:
    you guys really are great.. who have you sent you demos to? Well goodluck in life. Peace and Love Mar 02
  • champagneXkisses said:
    you guys are awesome! i love ya! Katelynn Feb 17
  • aprilmaple said:
    your music is the bomb.com! Feb 07
  • StinaVee said:
    you guys are really good...just to let yaa knoww! keepp rockin on Feb 04

Stage Fright Remedy

Jun 22, 2007

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