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Genres: Punk / Hardcore

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Stats: 14 fans / 512 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Tim(drums) Dustin(guitar,backing vocals) Kendal (lead vocals) Yuri (bass,backing vocals)

There might only be one track up for grabs on their Myspace, but its all New Mexico quartet Stabbed In Back need to convince us of their worth. 'When Laughter Turns...' nicks the Killswitch Engage technique of lulling the discerning listener into a state of calm via an acoustic intro before suddenly flicking on the old distortion pedal and bringing down the house. From here on in, everything you could possibly want in a modern, genre-bending metal / punk rock / hardcore band is presented on a plate, with gang chants, a socially conscious narrative and warring guitars battling away for three and a half minutes before fading into a brilliant, inspired cello outro. As is the norm with more recent hardcore bands, their aggression is at all times underpinned by a burning melodic conscience, but unlike many of their contemporaries (whose grasp of melody is shaky to say the least) Stabbed In Back's hooks are of real quality. As a sign of success to come for the band, they've just finished recording at The Blasting Room, a Fort Collins studio boasting everyone from The Ataris and Anti-Flag to Rise Against and Zeke on its list of clientele. Moreover, they've been notching up some impressive gigs, supporting both Tiger Army and The Horrorpops and even sharing the stage with East Yorkshire's own Dead Pets. Firmly on their way, then.

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  • BlackRose1339 said:
    fabulous. keep it up! Feb 01
  • said:
    you guys are FREAKING AWESOME!!! i saw you guys play with the riverboat gamblers and some other bands this summer and you were the best Sep 21

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