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Genres: Rock / Powerpop

Location: Phila, PA

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4 tracks

Members: E - Vocals/Guitar; Jim - Vocals/Synth Bass/Keys; Lou - Drums; Hank - Guitar/Vocals


"Stellar musicianship, vocals and writing make this one not to be missed!" Premier music and radio industry publication the Friday Morning Quarterback continues to call SPiN "easily one of the surprises of the year." The Philadelphia-area Modern Pop/Rock 4-piece began 2008 with news that its first single, "Home," entered the charts as the second-most added song in the country for two weeks straight. It went on to peak at number 7 on FMQB's Hot AC charts. Building on that momentum, SPiN toured around the country landing opening spots for many multi-platinum acts such as Puddle of Mudd, Hinder, and Trapt. Showing the band's crossover potential, it has also opened for acts like Fat Joe and Rob Base during tour stops covering more than 22 states. Although SPiN is only entering its third year, the band has already played over 400 shows together and is showing no signs of slowing down; as evidenced by Canada's leading music magazine Chartattack, "the pop-rock quartet are starting to break through on a national level."

SPiN's origins can be traced back to high school, where Vocalist Eric Rothenheber and Keyboardist Jim Vacca first began performing together. Guitarist Henry Cieplinski and Drummer Lou Chudnofsky were quickly added to the mix, and with the help of a local booking agent the tight-knit band of friends began playing regional shows 2-4 times a week. This heavy performance schedule, along with a demo cut in a friend's basement studio, helped secure national sponsorship by Herbal Liqueur brand Jagermeister, who has invited the band to be part of the highly successful Jäger Music Tour series. The building buzz caught the attention of Grammy-Winning producer David Ivory, who ended up producing SPiN's self-titled debut EP, now available at iTunes, Amazon, and most other online retailers.

The EP has been met with favorable press in newspapers around the country, including the Philadelphia Daily News and Inquirer. Feature articles were written on the band in The Virginia Tribune, Baltimore Times, Florida Style Magazine, Washington Informer and more. This national press, along with word-of-mouth reports of stellar live shows, has garnered the band invites to be featured guests at the Baltimore Music Conference, Unicity Performing Arts Festival, Millenium Music Conference, NYC's Meanyfest, and many other music industry events.

SPiN's unique style, with powerful vocal harmonies over synth basslines, has been compared to bands like My Chemical Romance, The Killers, and Muse, but it was probably best described in the Philadelphia Weekly newspaper, which reported, "Take the band SPiN. Hoo boy, they're so real I had to invent a new genre just for them... And how cool is that?..." Pretty cool, but the guys in SPiN would rather be referred to as they were by the Las Vegas Weekly: "... Spin are hot shags and fantastic songwriters... " How the reporter learned about the band's bedroom skills is unclear—but no one is arguing.

SPiN recently shot its first music video for the song "Playing Dead" (featuring Kevin Momenee, who has appeared in episodes of the Sopranos, the Deniro-directed film The Good Shepherd, and more) and is currently at work on a second EP which will once again be produced by David Ivory at his Dylanava studios in Gwynedd Valley, PA. Both the video and the EP are scheduled to be released in early 2009.


... These guys actually have a song called "Home" that is passing by an Alicia Keys song on some radio chart! Not only is their music phenomenal, their stage presence is crazy. When I heard they were in town, I had to go check them out again!... - PA Musician Magazine

... Philadelphias own SPiN deliver a quality debut effort on their maiden voyage at the format. "Home" sets sail for radio and this powerful and well produced track is destined to find many radio ports to dock at. Stellar musicianship, vocals and writing make this, one not to be missed. Easily one of the surprises of the year.... - FMQB Magazine

... Im all but certain Spin are hot shags and fantastic songwriters... - Philadelphia Weekly

...Just when things were working for Philly pop band SPiN, its been slapped with a cease-and-desist letter... - Philadelphia Inquirer

...My first impression of these guys is absolute delight, especially as the song progresses and band members vocally join to create harmonies that are especially delicious in this power-pop tune... - Eartaste

...Spin mag threatens local rockers... - Philadelphia Daily News

...After playing more than 100 shows a year up and down the U.S. east coast, the pop-rock quartet are starting to break through on a national level with the success of "Home," the first single from their self-titled EP... - Chart Attack

...Take the band Spin. Hoo boy, theyre so real I had to invent a new genre just for them... And how cool is that?... - Las Vegas Weekly



SPiN ep

Nov 15, 2007