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folk music
1. music, usually of simple character and anonymous authorship, handed down among the common people by oral tradition.
2. music by known composers that has become part of the folk tradition of a country or region.
3. Contemporary music in the style of traditional folk music.

fuck fake folk.


  • Mikayla Rae said:
    where is "oh what a day"? Oct 16
  • Abby Massong said:
    HELLO! Aug 01
  • Becka said:
    i always remember listening to your music every long drive i took, any time i was with my best friend and the only thing we ever wanted to do was drive to the lake and just listen to your music. she has every copy of every song i had of yours, and now she lives across the country...i've been searching for any sign of youre music all over the internet and this is and your live journal is all thats left, You're wonderful. I wonder what happened to you,I miss listening to you day in and day out, Apr 18
  • Dreamchaser715 said:
    I Dec 25
  • SpringBlossom said:
    I wish you\'d still have your boat song from before...i was in total love with that song... Jun 06
  • littleflower said:
    you are AMAZING...i think i am in love. Oct 02
  • shmeeismydinosaur said:
    dear jonothan spinnaker, hello my name is alex and i am a big fan. although i jsut started listening to you a couple months ago i think that you are very talented. make art is one of my favorite songs in the whole intire world but by accident i deleted that song off of my computer for ever which makes me very sad. i hope that you have a nice day and keep writeing always. yours truely, alex comfortstein Jul 06
  • iamanislandx said:
    Dec 08

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