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Spencer Harmon


Genres: Hip Hop / Emo / Christian

Location: Middletown, OH

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Spencer Harmon has been writing poetry since he was 13 years old. A while back he met Todd Banks. A DJ and rapper for a local hip-hop act "The Affiliate". Shortly after, Todd and Spencer were in his basement making music. After much frustration and work they have completed the LP "Empty Chairs", scheduled for an autumn release.

I hope to reach the people nobody wants to approach. I want to talk about the things nobody wants to respond to. I want to rap about the issues relevant to todays culture. I want to show people, raw and unhesitant, what people truly face in their journey's called life. I wish I could explain all that God has done and the doors he has opened in my life, but hopefully I can meet you one day and be able to explain to you personally.


  • famoustm said:
    yo dude. It\'s katelyn... the elevator chick from winterfest in ohio a year ago. i tried to come back by your table like you asked... but you were gone! haha. I would have sent this on myspace but i can\'t get on there on the laptop. But you\'re grand. i love your stuff. God Bless you... idk if this will work but i\'ll try anyways..... k, love katelyn famoustm@gmail.com Mar 20
  • Silent Poetry said:
    hey it\'s Jenny from school, Terrell told me he found your purevolume thingy so i went to it, you\'re rapping is REALLY good, i never thought i\'d like any rap before or anything like that, but your words are coolness. see you at school...in like...a month, woot. Jul 30
  • jesusfreak44 said:
    hey Spencer!! its Sarah. just wanted 2 say hey and keep living 4 Jesus! he\'s the only one worth living for! bye Jul 27
  • Steff in Silence said:
    hey yea i was totaly was at chuch camp with you this year,..and i go to your church sometimes,..yea i lobe solid rock,..so yea u have good lyrics,..i wright poetry too adn i wright songs too,..well hope to hear from you,..later lovley alligator Jul 06
  • said:
    Hello, I heard you at youth camp I doubt if you remember me. I really like your songs and I hope God blesses you for them. Best wishes, -Christen or as you knew me at youth camp, Amanda. Jun 24
  • Rob Hen said:
    Finally got to hear you rap your good May 13
  • thelongview said:
    hey spence its josh. didnt know you were on purevolume too. nice work dude. keep it up. might come to your concert if im not working. cya. oh btw my fav is \"zealots in the woods\" Apr 29

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