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Soundgarden (classics)


Genres: Metal / Grunge / Alternative

Location: New York, NY

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Members: Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Ben Sheperd

SOUNDGARDEN... (Tribute Profile)

In considering the scope of metal/hard rock music since its inception, arguably in the late sixties - early seventies, several bands standout and separate themselves from the pack with their talent, originality, and innovation. Soundgarden is a band that certainly fits amongst that bunch; yet furthermore, they stand apart from even those bands with an utterly original sound that re-invigorated metal fans of the time and today.

Hopefully, my band, STRANGE DAY, will get to that level ;-)
Check us out @ ListentoStrangeDay(NYC)atPureVolume.com

The song "Flawed" is one of our originals. If you dig SG, I'm pretty sure you'll like that one.


  • Adam said:
    Black Hole Sun is the song that turned me on to them. I was driving to NYC for the first time, and it came on the radio just as we could see the skyline of Manhattan in the dawning sun . . . coolest feeling in the world. Moved to NYC, and became a Soundgarden fan ever since. Oct 03
  • SirSteveeFOOl said:
    Fell on black days is my favorite song by soungarden. Dec 02
  • debo318 said:
    The Day I Tried to Live is officially the story of my life. Its my favorite song ever and Chris Cornell is the best thing to emerge from the Grunge era. Jun 04
  • PoeticalDreamerx3 said:
    I never knew that Chris Cornell was a part of Soundgarden. My mom && my aunt got me into listening to them and they sounded cool. I became a metalhead ever since. Lol. Soundgarden is an awesome band.xD May 05
  • hells pit hero said:
    you guys rock. strange day is awesome, but nothing will ever beat soundgarden Nov 29
  • said:
    your song black hole sun was the first song my parents played at my house after we got back from the hospital. always my favorite! Apr 17
  • gear_head99 said:
    YOU GUYS ROCK Apr 02
  • XxxtrinityxxX said:
    you guys kick ass........ Mar 08

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