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  • Sophia said:
    Nice ! Jun 25
  • James Fraser said:
    Hey my name is James. I thought you might like my band called 'The Symptoms.' We're an Indie-Rock band from Lexington MA. Drawing influence from modern bands like The National, Wilco, Explosions in the Sky, MGMT, and Death Cab for Cutie, they utilize varying forms of instrumentation and production to sculpt a unique sound. Check us out at www.purevolume.com/thesymptomslexington or alternatively purchase it on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-symptoms/id431307071?ign-mpt=uo%3D4. Thanks! Apr 23
  • broccolli said:
    One of the greats!!! Jan 14
  • DzoeL said:
    how to download your song??????? Dec 12
  • IndiEvidual.. said:
    sonnys new project hes giving away for free :) http://www.bloodcompany.net/skrillexep/ Sep 12
  • Dita said:
    check out http://purevolume.com/KnightOfEther :) Sep 08
  • zinksjuvs said:
    and oh..sounds like coheed and cambria...^^ just the vocals.. yay they will have a gig here in phils.. Jul 26
  • zinksjuvs said:
    yeah... sounds like an anime song..but its good though...:D Jul 26
  • IndiEvidual.. said:
    :D:D:D:D so happy awesome May 12
  • Kim Winter-Radke said:
    wow, loveit Mar 22
  • Alexaonfire said:
    i do like what you're doing, but i think it would have been the coolest if you got to be the new singer of Chiodos(i know they picked the guy from yesterday's rising), cause you have a unique voice like Craig did. Feb 25
  • OMGemma said:
    love it Feb 23
  • Sammie said:
    its so different, im in love with your music Dec 17
  • ohmygoditsmaddy said:
    JEZ SONNY I LOVE IT need an itunes card so i can get it! ^_- kudos Dec 07
  • Maybe-4evrz? said:
    huwow, i luv ur musicXD... i didnt even get gypsyhook til i replayd it nd i was lyk hell i luv this song(!x3) Nov 25
  • americanheart23@yahoo.com said:
    Nov 09
  • xDISMANTLEx said:
    gooood shhhhittt :P Oct 28
  • Kaitlyn said:
    love this. i was a fan of the other band back in the day, but that shit gold old.. fast. Sep 24
  • natalayyy said:
    this is fucking good! Sep 01
  • C_O_R_E_Y said:
    Gypsyhook reminds me of a pokemon song. Aug 29