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Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion!


Genres: Experimental / Progressive / Screamo

Location: Culleoka, TN

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4 tracks

Members: Tony Alcorn, AdriGore(TM), Andy Lo

Progressive rock, experimental, screamo, Ninten-grind, grindcore, pop, ambient, post-rock, post-hardcore, death metal...those are just some of the genres Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment To Sparkle Motion has covered in just two months. While most bands take their time to record there music, it seems like Sparkle Motion has blazed through it. With two demos, two EPs, and four LPs out (including the upcoming Veggies for Sloth), Sparkle Motion has created more music that one band could do in a life time all by himself. As of September 8th, there are 73 Sparkle Motion songs, clocking in at 3 hours and 56 minutes. Also, what was started as a one man-band has turned into growing band, with many contributors. Will it stop? Probably not, as the band as more ideas up their sleeves for future releases.


September 8th, 2007 UPDATE:

Life on Film will now only be demos. I'm not pleased with any of them, to be honest. I'll probably use some of those songs that I didn't put up for the Veggies for Sloth album due out in before October. For now The Album is my main priority, and I have decided to split it up in four 'albums' (EPs, actually) to make it easier to upload to the net. With that, I'll begin to put full album downloads on here for you all to get. And no, they will not be filled with viruses. I am not a fucking douchebag, and I would not do that to you.

I've decided to let some people in to this 'one man band' to get some variety in the music. (Something I think I lack at times) With that, I have the beautiful AdriGore (TM) doing some spoken word parts from some songs as well as using some old voice samples of her. Also in the mix is Andy Lo, an old friend of mine who I also played music with in the band Neeley Hollow and early Patience. Anyone who wants to do vocals (screams or clean), voice samples, or spoken words, contact me and I'll put them into my songs. You get full credit for whatever you do, and you are added to the band list and become an 'official' member until the end of time. Take note that I won't take everyone's things, but I'll give everyone a chance by listening to their products. If you want to record instruments (sans drums and bass, I like the acoustic aspect of this project), then feel free to as well.

- Tony Alcorn

Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion Is:

Tony Alcorn (Vocals/Spoken Words/Programming/Guitar)
AdriGore(TM) (Vocals/Spoken Words/Voice Samples)
Andy Lo (Spoken Words)



Two-Song Experiment Demos (2006)
Hey, Donnie! (2007)
Songs From A Movie EP (2007)
A Man, A Plan, A Guitar Program EP (2007)
The Journey Across the Atlantic (And Everything In Between) (2007)
The Journey Across the Land (And Everything In Between ) (2007)
Life on Film Demos (2007)
The Album (2007)
-The Black Album
-The Green Album
-The Pink Album
-The White Album
Veggies for Sloth (October 2007)
A Sparkle Motion Halloween Tribute [Single] (Halloween 2007)
Obligatory X-Mas Song [Single] (Christmas 2007)



Life On Film

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I, You, Me, We

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The Black Album

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