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Genres: Indie / Experimental / Emo

Location: Notre Dame, IN

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4 tracks

Members: Sprechstimme Gonzalez (broken strings), Jason Moy (formerly broken brakes), Kevin O\'Sullivan (broken doors), the Drummer (broken sticks, heads, and skin)

Somersaults: Sometimes brooding, sometimes almost poppy, sometimes post-rockish indie from Notre Dame, IN. Music of escape, music of places and people long lost.

*About us:

Within the context of the college years, we must look back to fall of 2002 to find the roots of this band. Kevin and Nathan were freshmen in Fisher Hall; Nathan ended up playing the drums in the Kinky Bootbeasts - a campus favorite for the irreverence -- and Shuger in the Raw. Through friends in and around the KBb Nathan and Kevin became good friends with Maria, a junior at SMC. With the "end" of the KBb, and the collapse of SitR, Nathan needed to find a new project. He, Kevin, and Maria (who had no experience whatsoever) decided to start a band; inspired by too many viewings of Office Space they settled on the name the Mondays; then Kevin started helping Maria to learn the bass. They played a few shows in the spring, and recorded in the basement of what now is Kevin's house. But by now Maria was ready to graduate and to move back to Brazil.

The guys had met Dave and Paul, from rival dorm Morrissey Manor, through Maria, and befriended them. Dave approached Kevin and Nathan after the Mondays' final gig (at Club Cackle) about starting a new project. They were down. According to some accounts they became a Journey tribute band, Believe, and toured Europe, particularly the former Soviet Bloc, heavily. We'll leave the truth or fiction of this matter for another time and place.

Anyway, the rocked out throughout the fall in the tiny room off of Kevin's living room (Kevin, while playing "Iowa", once kicked in the door, and housemate Maggie had to pull with all her might to open it and save us from olfactory doom), and eventually played some shows and recorded in the spring.

Come fall, we welcomed Jason, a friend of Dave's from Morrissey. And now we are what we are.

*What we've done:

Spring '05: three shows with original lineup of K/D/N - Fisher Hall's Regatta Week Spring Bling, Punk vs. Poverty at the CSC, and the Second Annual End o' the Year Rock and Roll Bash; four-song EP recorded at Camp Ironwood by Matt Morgan (check out the music page for selections).

Fall '05: three shows with Jason added - Hill St. Hold on to Halloween Hoopla, Quad Rock '05 (we opened for TED LEO), and guest musical appearance live @ Legends on the Mike Peterson Show Christmas Special

Spring '06: We took third place in the SMC Battle of the Bands (Congrats to Slap Bracelet Suicide on winning!), and opened for the M's at the first WVFI concert of the semester at Legends.

*What we'll be doing:

Spring '06: We have some shows lined up. And we plan to add some more - one in Chicago if we are so fortunate. We'll also be heading into the studios over the course of the semester. On Saturday, 4 March, we'll be in Chicago recording (a full-length?) with Jamie Carter of Foxtail V.S.T. at Carterco. Later, when we've more material, we'll do some additional recording at GMP in Michigan.

The future: Who knows what the future holds?!

*Like it? Hate it? Want to keep up with what we're doing? Let us know at somersaultsmusic@yahoo.com

*Check out the pics page. Thanks to Aya for photography.


From the early days - "Jasper Beach", "My Vegetable Love", "Eva", "Iowa". (And if Nathan has his way, the indie dance intro will return to life, damn it!)

The modern era - "Shapes and Sizes", "My fear is that Kendra hates me; my hope is that I die.", "Heartstrings", a Mogwai-esque song that we hope to turn into something more Somersaults and less Somersaults-trying-to-be-Mogwai, "Peter and the Wolf" (still in major need of work), "Jupiter Complex" and quite a few riffs waiting for us to turn them into something substantial -- Stay tuned!

*Musical history:

Nathan - Centralica, T-Minus Nine Lives, Sherry Smells Like Burning, the NPO Project, the Mendicants, the Kinky Bootbeasts, Shger in the Raw, unnamed short-term project, the Mondays, the Wal-Martians, Somersaults

Kevin - the Mondays, Glacial, Somersaults

Jason -

Dav(e)/(id) - Delorean (vs. the Monster)



Songs of Travel ep

No release date

Live at Legends

No release date