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Some Girls


Genres: Other / Progressive / Punk

Location: San Diego, Philadelphia, CA

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4 tracks

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To silver bullet the dead doormen of heaven's gate fanged fate following sin ridden apes of wrath until we're stripped of the skin that's keeping it all in.
To photographic memorize frozen neckties from above thin ice.
Peeling eyes, skinning muscles.


Current Roster and Resume,
Crane, R (Dead And Gone, Creeps On Candy, Year Future)
Eisold, W (American Nightmare, Give Up The Ghost, XO Skeletons)
Gallegos, S (Secret Fun Club)
Joyner, N (Secret Fun Club)
Pearson, J (The Locust, Holy Molar, Headwound City, Ground Unicorn Horn)


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    i need some girls please give me some girls Feb 14
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    sweetv dudes u guys rock , n sound awesome , luv it Nov 04
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    wow just awesome i love you.... Oct 09
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    heheh awesome. i love hot air balloons Oct 06
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    u guys rule. Sep 09


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