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  • Rawan said:
    love this very much Jan 04
  • Sky ❤ said:
    Jan 29
  • josh.chitwood. said:
    very good. Jul 14
  • Jamie Kristine said:
    love this very much Apr 30
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Apr 01
  • TanishaXTrauma said:
    So easy to listen to. It's astounding to find this kind of stuff! :D Jan 28
  • NJBASSKAT said:
    i would so have your music all thourgh out an indie film about finding love some where in europe or in jersey. -kandy, great job! Aug 27
  • codeXzero said:
    wow you guys have a nice sound =] Jan 31
  • aMellia said:
    ahhh i luv ur music..and ur from tacoma..thats sooooo cool cuz im from eugene or... and well i go up there alot..and i never knew there was good talent..thanx for making good music.. Apr 21
  • millstone said:
    your yummy! Mar 17
  • millstone said:
    your yummy! Mar 17
  • JadedLittleazn said:
    I am absolutely in love with your music. You guys are amazing! Nov 05
  • blake-O(UT) said:
    i cant believe you guys broke up. im so sad. i bought your guys new cd. its so good!!!!!!!!!! im going to miss you guys. good luck in the future! Sep 06
  • loverofyou said:
    truly a-may--zing (-; Sep 04
  • blake-O(UT) said:
    you guys are so freaking good!!!! i love the new cd!!! Sep 03
  • littleflower said:
    i\'m really going to miss seeing you guys perform. shalina and i adore your music. at least we will still have the cds to listen to! i was really disappointed that i couldn\'t make it to the show in seattle. but i will have to make sure i am there august 11th at hell\'s kitchen! Alissa Jul 31
  • Viewtiful Joel said:
    Wow. You guys are awesome. The violin intro to the song, a night without a cineplex is phenomenal. My favorite song has to be either a night without a cineplex or one more day goes by. Jul 22
  • vanhalensrv said:
    the winter rush is a awesome song. i love the guitar and piano melodies. Jul 14
  • MissArtsiPhartsi said:
    your music is like a hug from jesus! haha you are awesome! Jul 07
  • littleflower said:
    i love some by sea! Jul 04