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Solitoode Attitoode


Genres: Electronic / Experimental / Alternative

Location: Midland, ON

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4 tracks

Members: Larry 'Solitoode' Amos

A new Attitoode is going around!

A new band.

A new sound.

Let it expand!

Something is abound.


If you dare!

It will be found.

Just like in the movies, life could use some background music.

So rather than the music telling you how to feel --- this is where you tell the music how you feel! But hopefully it will make you feel good!

The objective is to create music that is dimensioned with sound. Basically, it is all about the sound, the depth and the arrangement of the sounds to allow anyone, no matter what language they speak, to fully submerge themselves into a musical experience to call their own and make it timeless. May it bring you happiness!

Solitoode Attitoode is about creating and composing instrumental music that has an upbeat, positive touch. Some of the music is for the sheer pleasure of listening, while others are geared more to get your toe tapping and maybe even getting you to shake your tush.

In staying true to the sound, the music took full advantage of the new generation of format with the 5.1 surround sound. The songs were originally recorded using all six channels before being mixed down to stereo using the Dolby Pro Logic II technology. Thoughts are to put out a DVD version in the future to take full advantage of playback on your home theater system where the music can be heard the way it really was meant to be heard, resulting in a sound exploration for the listener!

The first album has been unleashed! Listen to the entire album by clicking the banner below. While there, enter your email as well, to receive updates and information, or just to see what is going on in the world of Solitoode Attitoode. Click on the "Store" button and see where you can go to purchase this album.




Solitoode Attitoode

Jun 08, 2008