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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Christian

Location: Toledo, OH

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Members: Jason,Vanessa, Larry(from left to right)

First of all, you may be wondering what SolaFida is! Well, solafida is Spanish for "only by faith".

Solafida is a band strictly based on God and His Word. We as Christians, are to be the light to the world, so therefore, we're setting out to touch people through our music and lyrics. Everyone has struggles. We all are faced with different trials, temptations and obstacles in our lives, but we are here to tell you that you are not alone. There is someone to run to. There is still hope. You don't need to be alone through all those burdens. God is truly there for you. If you want to talk more, please feel free to email us.

First BEGAN:
SolaFida is actually our church's youth group, so we decided to keep the name and go with it. It kind of flows, don't you think? :)

SolaFida is a christian rock band. Acouple of our songs sound alot like the band Skillet, except with a girl singer with a voice similar to Avril Lavigne's. We also have a few punk-sounding songs which tend to be more upbeat and poppy. But for the most part, we have the rock/grunge sound!!! We'll be adding clips soon! Can't wait to get it up for you all!!! Please be patient...

Vanessa, 18-vocals, guitar
Larry, 16- lead guitar
Jason, 15- drums

* in search of a bass player


  • breaking the sterotype said:
    check out this site they will help you much oh and get legal b4 u sell them get a vendors license lol Jul 28
  • Isadora said:
    hey. i would like to listen to your songs. but have no tracks available. put some song here :) i\'m brazilian and i\'d love to know the band more. Jun 29
  • breaking the sterotype said:
    hey wuts up homies cant wait to c yall at the famine if i can go ttyl peace out May 31
  • SoccerGurl said:
    These guys are the best! I love them all! They so rock, and i hope you come see them at the famine! If you do come say hi to me too! My name is taylor:) May 03
  • amanda359 said:
    i also go to church withthem.they realy do rock!!and i even have the same name as one of them can you guss wich one? AMANDA!! May 03
  • solafidaroks said:
    This group ROCKS! I go to church with them and are in their youth group, so i get to hear them play every other week! Apr 24


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