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The iPhone 4S Is More Than Its Name Implies

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What's inside a name? A lot, apparently; and it could both be for better and worse, for the way you choose to view it.

See, I've been selling my iPhone 3GS to possess a little supplemental income after i finally purchase the new iPhone 4S. Since its release, I've been salivating with glee at the idea of finally having the 4S in my hands.

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Lots of my friends think I'm crazy, though. "Don't sell your old iPhone," they all said. "Wait until the iPhone 5 gets released next year. You shouldn't be too impulsive."

Yeah, sure, okay. Not too that's bad advice or anything, but I have been keeping my old iPhone for more than a couple of years now. I believe now's as good a time every to create another gadget purchase; especially one as innovative and exciting because the iPhone 4S.

A lot of people often mistake the iPhone 4S (along with the apple iphone, for instance) as a mere nominal upgrade. I can not really blame them though. The smartphone's name is misleading, in the end.

Think about it: Say you had been available on the market for any new car. You're looking for something practical, possibly even bordering on a family-type model; but you still want it to be considered a bit brawny. The dealer then recommends you try the Subayota Lancelica. You take it out for a test drive and look for its response times, smoothness, and whatnot. You choose that it's best for you, so you go back to the dealership and tell him so. "But wait," he admits that. "Would you also prefer to try out this other model? For just $500 more, you could be the proud who owns the Subayota Lancelica S!"

"S?" you believe. "What the heck does that stand for? Swindle? Sham? Scam? Will buying the 'S' cause me to feel a Sucker?"

If you're not the type to evaluate the merits from the Lancelica S according to just the arguably unimpressive name, you'd find out that the "S" represented "Supercharged." As with, the Lancelica S swaps the stock engine for a supercharged one; a steal just an additional 500 bucks.

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You see what I'm bothering.

The iPhone 4S is usually belittled through the uninformed as a dispensable upgrade to the previous iPhone 4 model. If they'd bothered to get their facts right, they'd discover that the 4S is actually in addition to that. So much more.

It's the A5 chip which gives it more processing power. Still it has the admittedly awesome Retina Display, it has a very much improved iSight camera, and it is able to running the new iOS 5 (by extension the iCloud) at optimal levels. These are all very impressive upgrades and features; but when there's one thing that truly lets the iPhone 4S make its mark, it's that it is the first (and currently, only) gadget to possess a program that you can talk to and instruct, and that talks back.

Yes, Siri is that big of the deal. Welcome to the future.

Now pardon me while I discover where to sell my apple iphone for the most amount of cash...

Posted Jun 09, 2012 at 1:50pm