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Fire CX 4 space noise People who really buy what

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"Little friends good!

"Today continued to grill model you flaws!

Once known as a low-key, economy, moderation of Japanese cars, now in designs over the aggressive, advanced so that the consumer can not accept.

Fire CX-4, space, noise ... ... People who really buy what? ... ...

Toyota new Prius

If there is one car designed to get most of the smaller partners, and that should not belong to Mazda, car angkesaila, Edwin l. Artzt, the SUV sector CX-5, although sales volume was not very significant progress, but it seems that consumers buy for each car.

Fire CX-4, space, noise ... ... People who really buy what? ... ...

Edwin l. Artzt

CX-4 was unveiled earlier this year at the Beijing auto show brings a new concept "Coupe SUV". Once again exploded "cars", so today we take a look at what people buy this car? Which slot do you have on the car?

Fire CX-4, space, noise ... ... People who really buy what? ... ...

Mazda CX-4

Fire CX-4, space, noise ... ... People who really buy what? ... ...

Believe friends guessed, after major owners buy a Mazda CX-4 no doubt discuss the most is the space on the car, especially the rear space.

"Space is a bit more narrow in the front, increased seating, front to front, if lower, be comfortable, but horizon will little impact.

"In order to highlight the Coupe, in order to face value at the expense of driving vision, head room down a bit depressing, the cockpit on the left a-pillar path, slow when turn left.

"Some rear space is small, but barely enough, just do not understand why the back door do so on a small car can be inconvenient. This car for a family of three, people crowded.

If you still have no idea, to look at the owner's own measurement results:

"Although it has a 2700mm wheelbase, but its rear space is not very satisfactory, design of the main reason is his head long after the space in order to ensure that the cab, so I have to compress the rear space. But its rear roof, and back have all been empty front-row seats, giving rear passengers have dug up some space ride, in my 178cm stands as the reference, adjust the sitting in the front row, sat in the back, legs and head were a punch at a distance of about.

Make browsing so much owners of smaller partners on space evaluation, we generally have two consensus summary for members ' reference.

CX-4 is more comfortable ride limit of about 180 or so, if you are higher than this, so going to try actual CX-4 posture if you would accept.

CX-4 is also more suitable for singles, couples and family of three, if your hosting needs more, bring your whole family, try to ride alone, cannot be too selfish to consider only driving myself.

Fire CX-4, space, noise ... ... People who really buy what? ... ...

Followed by feedback on noise:

"Relatively poor sound, engine noise, tire noise, wind noise inside the vehicle will feel great sound, this indeed is now harder to get. Sometimes feel the glass shaking voice. This very uncomfortable.

"The car tire noise is always in the process of pain, better road conditions, traffic almost obviously, don't know how to improve.

Fire CX-4, space, noise ... ... People who really buy what? ... ...

Finally there views on the use and configuration of some small function:

"Total loss of tire pressure monitor and rear floor in the middle of a raised, affecting ride comfort in the back. More rigid suspension has a good exercise supporting, but might be less comfortable for home users.

"Four electric Windows, in addition to the primary drive is a key lift, the rest of all the three electric Windows do not support one-click movements, and all of them are this way, this expression is not so easy to understand.

"No front parking radar, if the front to match the front parking radar would be nice, because, after all, the front face is a bit long.

Read the ridicule of the real owners of CX-4, small can roughly guess the comment section is certainly sound.

"Was a minor flaws, like the CX-4 care.

"Space is not a problem, I do not get in the back seat.

Although everyone's situation is different, like a car merit will endure its disadvantages, small hopes everyone can buy roses, with no regrets car Oh. August car sales chart style mutation Jetta was

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