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China Telecom CDMA network does not retreat network planning but transferred

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China Telecom CDMA network does not retreat, network planning, but transferred its user base is really

Tianyi intelligent Terminal held last week at the trade show, China Telecom announced plans to start building LTE network at 800MHz and will be in 2017, achieve full network coverage in the first half. 800MHz this band is used in CDMA, so the news came out, many people speculated in the industry meant that telecommunications gave up CDMA. Incipio iPhone 6 Case

But China Telecom official later denied this in an interview, the source said, 800MHz heavy tillage does not affect users of China Telecom using existing mobile voice and mobile data services, fall is not CDMA network of China Telecom plans.

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From a global perspective, however, gave up CDMA seems to be a trend. In North America, promoting the move from CDMA to LTE is United States carriers Verizon, which has begun in certain areas close the CDMA network; United States t-mobile owned MetroPCS communications subsidiary, responsible for operating CDMA network announced that beginning June 21, 2015, will gradually be closed CDMA network, Thailand Telecom, Brazil VIVO, and PTTelekomunikasi Telecom and other operators in Indonesia have also announced plans to close its CDMA network.

Give up the CDMA trend, but the specific time determined in accordance with the situation and establish both CDMA and LTE networks interconnected, but not necessarily in sync. Telecom CDMA Networks customers ranked first in the world, from 2008 to 110 billion to buy China Unicom's CDMA network of China Telecom (including assets and users) in just 3 years, announced China Telecom CDMA users to 100 million households. Before you close the CDMA, telecommunications needs of this large user base transferred to the new network.

Earlier this year, China Telecom made it clear that, starting from April stopping 3G card, default 4G network for all users, and to stop subsidizing 3G Terminal, construction of accelerated 4G. In July this year, China Telecom said this year will be to build 460,000 4GLTE base station, the national coverage of more than 95%.

In addition, 4G rates and thresholds, and low-end 4G of mobile computing is the prerequisite for delisting CDMA. It is understood that China Telecom later this year for the rural market, will focus on thousands of machines and the elderly market force, layout entry-level market. 4G end of popularity, will no doubt increase the stock 3G to 4G upgrade.


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Posted Jul 22, 2016 at 12:38am