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15 Tips to Buy Used Smartphone Without having to spend Big

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If you are planning to acquire a smartphone but have a small budget in your tight pocket, then you might want to pick up pre-owned smartphone instead of a an alternative one. However, buying a used smartphone can be quite a bit tricky without any experience whatsoever relating to this "field". You cannot just go on the websites for to the smartphone store and make a random purchase with out checking the whole condition of that phone thoroughly. If you got the wrong device, it will turn out to be a curse for you.


You might get a good looking used smartphone with a perfect case cover without the scratches on it, nevertheless, you got no clue that maybe its internal hardware or its screen interface may not work anytime soon concerning have been some critical damages inside of the phone caused by the first sort owners. That's why, it's very important for you to avoid this kind of smartphone for your own good.

Referring to used smartphones, most of the people think that used smartphones mostly suck just for the sake that they are second hand smartphones. Well, the reality is, not all used smartphones which you find around the market are some damaged phones that don't work anymore. In fact, some of this type of smartphone is still effective just as great as another one. So it's irrelevant anymore to convey that the quality of second hand smartphones will be that horrible.

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Well, for those who have made the final decision and therefore are perfectly sure that this is actually the right time for you to purchase your first ever used smartphone, then they're 15 useful tips that hopefully will probably be your first guidance each time you're planning to buy used smartphones in the future.

1. Run a Quick Scan on the Case Cover

The first thing to notice from the smartphone is definitely its case cover. Therefore, any time you meet some used smartphones on any store, ensure that you always run a thorough scan with the device. Try to see if your device has any physical defect or scratch round the body of that device. This should be done in order to know more about what that device has been through in the past when it was still used by the previous owners.

2. Make certain that the Case Cover is Original

Used smartphones are generally plagued with the perception the case covers will show you the whole thing about their condition. Well, that's so wrong. You cannot judge the overall quality of used smartphones simply by looking at how glossy its chassis or how flawless its screen. There's a huge possibility that this seller already covers them on top of some new 3rd party case covers that obviously could make them look like new phones, right?

Therefore, being a smart customer, always equip yourself with the mindset how the sellers could always switch the original but damaged case cover with many new 3rd party chassis so as to make sales.

3. Make Sure that All the Physical Buttons Work Perfectly

Physical buttons always end up being the fragile element on any smartphone that is commonly damaged easily should they have been pressed so many times by the owners. This is exactly why, when checking out any used smartphone around the store, always make sure that each of the physical buttons, remember, them all, can work perfectly, without hiccup. The best thing to do that is actually pressing each physical button continuously. If you see that there is any button that offers a weak or delay response (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't) as well as doesn't work at all whenever you press it, then a best

4. Check the Screen Sensitivity with all the User Interface

The next thing to check on from a used smartphone could be the screen surface and the sensitivity of its Graphical user interface. In this process, always operate a thorough scan if there is any scratch around the screen and make sure the touch screen still works perfectly. Test the touch response from each corner from the screen until the middle area. Do a little mixed and random gestures on the screen over and over again, from:

 sliding the UI to the left/right/up/bottom,
 doing multi-touch,
 zooming in/out on the photos or internet browser,
 deleting widgets/apps/elements
 typing on the virtual on-screen QWERTY keyboard

And when you have a plenty of time, make an effort to play some apps which might be already installed on the device, even high performance games and try out the sensitivity of the screen interface. Remember, this is definitely crucial because most with the previous owners might already drop it on the floor for several times before, so it will directly impact on the sensitivity of the screen.

5. Find out if There is Any Glitch or Weird Colors Reproduction on the Screen

Besides its sensitivity, another important thing to check on the screen will be the display. Usually, used smartphones have been dropped for several times from the previous owners. Therefore, it's really important for you to see the whole area on the screen to check if there is any glitch or weird line on color reproduction across the screen. If you see these, then the screen is just not fine.

6. Be sure that the Battery is still Great

There is no doubt that battery is one of the most important elements in smartphones. Almost all of touch screen phones, even new iPhone, have weak life of the battery (with the exception of Samsung or Motorola flagships of course). Therefore, it's really crucial to always run a test on this sector every time you need it used smartphones. To call of few, you're able to do things like playing powerful 3D games or watching movies/videos to ensure that the battery is still in pretty good condition, if not great. If the battery drains pretty quickly even when you just open the photos or listen some songs (who are not really energy consuming activities), plus there is something wrong with the battery.

7. Find out if the Camera's Shutter Key (when there is Any) Still Works

Several of smartphones usually have the physical shutter key for shooting photos/videos, even though it can be replaced with the on-screen virtual button. However, on some phones, there's a feature that lets you capture photos with shutter key even when the screen is still locked (e.g., Sony Xperia S, etc). That's why, although you may not utilize it very often, always perform quick test with this shutter key by pressing it over and over again just to make sure that this button is still effective perfectly.

8. Make certain that Cellular and Wi-Fi Connectivity Still Work Great

Connectivity could be the other important element on smartphone. Without it sector, your used phone will probably be pretty much useless to suit your needs. You cannot surf the web, download stuff or connect the apps to internet. Therefore, always run quality of this connectivity feature by browsing the internet with the pre-installed browser or some other apps that require 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity with that used smartphone.

9. Look at the Bluetooth, NFC or other Off-line Connectivity

These connectivity features can be very important in the future simply because you like it or not, you will need Bluetooth and will utilize it very often to share contents like photos/music/videos/files together with the other devices, while NFC is additionally really important for the future's mobile payment. Therefore, never forget to always run the short test on Bluetooth, NFC or other several offline connectivity features on the mobile phone.

10. Test the Audio quality of the Speaker

Building a phone call is the reason why cellular phone is invented to start with. Without it, your phone mustn't be called as a phone. This is why, if this feature does not work properly properly, then your used phone will likely be useless in the future. So it will be also really important to always run the test of the feature by making an arbitrary call on other devices and hear if there is something wrong featuring its sound quality, signal or its loudspeaker.

11. Try and Send Text Message

Usually, if the cellular connectivity is still effective great, then there is a massive chance that you can also send text messages with that phone. However, do not get carried away and sending one message wouldn't hurt, right? To your own good.

12. Confirm the Sound Quality of the Phone, With and Without a Headset

Most of phone users usually don't open wide the loudspeaker when hearing music or watching videos. They often use a headset for most of activities that have sounds in it, like games, movies, music or anything. However, in order to make sure that everything is fine, just take the seconds or minutes to find out if the loudspeaker still sounds great or not.

13. Make Sure that the Charging Port Could Charge the Phone

Charging port is also the other most important thing on smartphone. If your charging port doesn't work and cannot charge the product properly, this can be dangerous for you in the future. Currently, most smartphones' charging ports are not just assembled with glue, but on some smartphones, this part is integrated deeply with solder. So be sure to always check the charging port of the device by plugging in/out the device with the charger to see if there is slightly delay response on battery bar on-screen when being charged. Your phone is in fact useless if it can't be charged.

14. Look into the microSD card slot (when there is any) to see if still works

Despite the increasing popularity of huge internal storage smartphones, most phone users still feel that microSD card slot like a really vital element on smartphones. Such a users tends to choose of needing a smartphone having a small internal storage but sometimes be expanded further with external sd card. Therefore, if you're planning to purchase a microSD-card-enabled smartphone, it's appropriate for you to check if the charge card slot still works great or otherwise. You don't want to buy a phone with little storage that can't read external sd card, do you?

15. Ask the vendor if the Phone has already been Jail-broken or Rooted

Jailbroken iPhone or rooted Android phones may well be a good thing or scourge. If you are a tech savvy user, then it is a good thing because you can still do heck a lot of technical stuff along with your phone even without the assistance of retailer. However, should you be non-tech-savvy buyer, you really need to ask owner regarding this information. Especially for iPhone, which you may want to ask the seller to revert back your used iPhone with a non-jailbroken version, so you can still carry it safely to the official Apple store when there is anything wrong with your iPhone.

Well, those are 15 tips you will want to know before making a purchase order of any used smartphone. Buying used smartphone generally is a lot cheaper than having the new one, but you being a customer still should get the good quality product, even used one. So hopefully, these pointers can be really useful for you each time you're planning to buy used smartphones in the future.


Posted Dec 30, 2015 at 10:58pm