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Small Town Hope

Playing 7th Street Entry in MPLS Feb. 4th!


Genres: Punk / Pop Punk / Rock

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Stats: 43 fans / 4,524 plays / 4 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Tony the Teacher, Will the Wanker, and Andy the Arsonist

Hailing from rural Nebraska, Small Town Hope took their name literally. The trio formed in 2005, as sophomores in high school, and built a very strong following throughout their home state and the surrounding region. Operating on DIY ethics, Small Town Hope is not afraid to put in the hard work that it takes to garner a sizable fan base. The three members have found great chemistry not only in writing catchy punk tunes, but also in managing the other facets of the band. Seeing an opportunity to reach a bigger audience and use their other music industry talents such as production and engineering, Small Town Hope Relocated to Minneapolis earlier this year.

The trio is founded on a brand of pop punk that embraces creative melodies and infectious hooks. Their sound, highly nostalgic, draws influence from those late 90s bands like Blink-182, Goldfinger, and Sum 41...oh the good old days. Small Town Hope differentiates from the current pop punk genre with meticulous instrumentation, attentive to every last detail.

The production on their new self-titled, self released EP also demonstrates the maturity of a young band who is patient and focused when steering their own ship. Engineered and produced by drummer Andy Keech, the sound is full and flawless combining exceptional organic tones with 21st century digital sampling.

Currently, the group is locked up in their home studio writing as much new material as possible for a release expected to come out this spring. Along with all the focus towards the new production, the trio is also spending their days preparing their live show. Concentrating more on the album, the group plans to refrain from performing until the release of the album, then touring and promoting their most recent work.

Small Town Hope has all the right tools: great songwriting, enduring mindset, and the ability to spend as much time as they need to perfect their sound with a drummer who is an up-and-coming producer. Add their relentless work ethic and it’s only a matter of time before the buzz in underground circles overflows into a bigger pool of listeners. Look for their debut full-length album in 2011.


  • shawn hamling said:
    i second that wes get the hell south Feb 09
  • Wes said:
    get outta minnesotah eh and get your asses to lincoln/omaha. p.s. post up some more stuff Nov 23
  • Angie Fisher said:
    Awesome guys!!!! Nov 08
  • Pip_is_me said:
    i like :D Oct 11
  • chopsy62 said:
    You guys are totally amazing!!!! Sep 25
  • said:
    om em gee i bet the picture of you guys in the water is the niobrara river. i go ther every year. oh yeah and you guys are amazing and hot. Jul 30
  • sparkles_hh said:
    yea i luved scared of the dark ! awesome! i am pumped for ur guys new cd Feb 09
  • AntiSlice said:
    Awesome show in OG!! Dec 17
  • AntiSlice said:
    Hey... Since the band hasn\'t posted it yet, I thought I\'d tell everyone to vote for Small Town Hope @ battleofthebands.com/smalltownhope for get them on the Taste of Chaos tour Dec 08
  • AntiSlice said:
    hey... awesome show in ogallala!! come play again somewhere nearby.. Sep 11
  • crazypunk333 said:
    can\'t wait for the show in ogalla Jul 09
  • crazypunk333 said:
    you guys fuckin rock Jul 09
  • littleking09 said:
    Hey I totally think you guys should do a concert in Lexington because you rock! Think about it, please? Jun 22
  • autumnbomb said:
    So Matt has syphillis?? haha, just kidding but you had better check your newsletters :P Jun 18
  • capitalt23 said:
    YOU GUYS RULE!!!!!!!!! Jun 12

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