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Sloppy Meateaters Pro


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Punk

Location: Atlanta, GA

Stats: 273 fans / 89,811 plays / 89 plays today





20 tracks

Members: ever evolving cast of social frankenstiens

resist the human micro chip!!! RESIST THE CHIP!!!


  • alex ramos said:
    the music sounds great and love allyour songs Mar 26
  • Fleshy said:
    I had my friend listen to you... He said your music made him want to eat his own stomach, in a good way. I didn't think I could describe it in a better way. Jul 12
  • john said:
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  • Michael said:
    fawkin awesome lads xx Nov 04
  • Jenny said:
    Dudes, you guys are amazing. Honestly, you are so original, and amazing. I love the messages that you send, your songs really speak to me. Oct 04
  • JoAko said:
    exelent!!!! i love it xD Aug 02
  • JoAko said:
    I remember your music since Razor freestyle scooter fror PSX.... i was in love... now you music is better follow guys you owns Jul 25
  • abcd!ELISABETH said:
    egh, meat :( Mar 06
  • JoAko said:
    i luv\' your music!!! thannks to do this no-pop one Dec 08
  • JoAko said:
    I Love IT Nov 19
  • JoAko said:
    i was listen your music first time in a game.... called Razor: freestyle scooter and it ROcks! nice collaboration with sickshift RULZ!!! Oct 26
  • sagerbee said:
    You guys are the best! I first heard you on the game Scooter and I\'ve been addicted since. Much love! %u2665 May 10
  • sergi der virus said:
    i gotta thank u guys for writing so long i played it for my girlfriend once and u can imagine how she took it just wanted to say thanks oo and buy the way i told it was u guys so no theft took place here May 01
  • x_dayyy said:
    Add Comment here... Apr 08
  • tanacea said:
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Alternative / Rock / Punk

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