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Slip Madigan

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


Genres: Psychedelic / Experimental / Rock

Location: Buffalo, NY

Stats: 0 fans / 250 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Ben Smith, Brad Robbins, Jay Stewart, RJ Acanfora, Ryan McDonough

Slip Madigan is a charmingly delicious rock band known for having an impressively diverse genre-less collection of original song material. With an emphasis on clever song-crafting, many of this band's songs draw from a myriad of influences; From The Beatles to Ween, Zappa to Grateful Dead, Dr. Dog to Wilco, Bob Dylan to Leonard Cohen, Eastern music to Experimentalism, Slip's music cannot be defined. Their art cannot be framed. Distinguished by their high energy addictive live shows, Slip's music has been described as "Psychedelic Experimental Folk-Rockin' Mind Expanding Knifetastic Brainfood".

In a live setting, these well-crafted songs are further augmented by the band's penchant for unorganized musical chaos and unequivocal improvisation skills. Sporting an almost telepathic synergistic connection, Slip Madigan thrives on delving into the musically unknown. Organization, precision, and musical blasphemy is guaranteed. Slip Madigan's live band lineup consists of Ryan McDonough (Guitars), Brad Robbins (Bass), Jay Stewart (Percussion), and RJ Acanfora (Drum Set), & Wade Benford (Keys) although their studio recordings make use of many additional instruments such as piano, synthesizers, mandolin, banjo, car doors, and hand claps etc...

Over the past 6 years, Slip Madigan has quietly built a reputation around Western New York as "The best band you most likely have never heard of". During this time, the band wrote and recorded most of their current discography and have only recently begun to reach out to unsuspecting audiences around the globe (Western New York).

Formed in the spring of 2005 in Buffalo, New York, Slip Madigan rose like a rabid phoenix from the smoldering ashes of Buffalo's "Total Protonic Reversal" after half of the band died in a horrific accident involving a ham sandwich at Harry Nilsson's London flat. Confused and distraught, the remaining members brushed their scapular aside and proceeded to shelve the entire T.P.R. song catalog and write a new one (although a handful of these songs have been re-arranged and are now included in the band's live show).

Slip Madigan is a band whose music is perpetually evolving. Their songs always find a way to twist and turn and bend and burn until they are cast away like an old piece of fruit. There is no telling what you will here next. And now for something completely different.....