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Genres: Rock / Indie / Rock

Location: Champaign, IL

Stats: 316 fans / 32,644 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Ben, Tim, Daniel, Nash & Paul



  • Hardcore=christian said:
    Check out my youtube account account.... http://www.youtube.com/longboardskillz Jul 02
  • Josh Frank said:
    You guys were good... you'll be missed... :( Jun 10
  • greg steimle said:
    sup, Ben u remember me and my family. right?? At power fest sure u do u remember Amanda Apr 30
  • Jonathan Dean said:
    hey, you guys coming so southern maryland anytime soon? my brothers place? hope too see you there in the future. you guys are pretty much like awesome from what ive listend too. well leave me some lovee.. ----laytter Mar 22
  • Nevaeh's LifeByDrowning said:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NASH BRUCE!!!!! idk if any of you guys still get on here, but it's my only hope of being able to say hi! Mar 17
  • psychicpsycho said:
    You guys rocked. You guys rock. You guys will rock. There is no doubt about it. Slingshot has been to our theater four or five times (I've lost count) and you were better every time. When you came to the final show, I heard that you guys were going your seperate ways, and this was the hardest thing for me to take in. I wish you could be a band still, but I know that you guys have to go your seperate ways. I'm going to miss you all. Dannyo Mar 05
  • DestinedtoFly said:
    I\'m sorry to hear that you are calling it quits. You all touched my life no other band has. You had a passion for what you do. Ben, I will miss talking to you at shows. You are just about the nicest guy around. You were an amazing band and still remain one of my favorites. Good luck in wherever life takes you. God bless you guys, and thanks for never failing to make me smile. Sep 30
  • SCG95 said:
    Ok hey ben its sophie again oky doky im just trying to keep in touch with you guys ..... cause i think you guys ROCK u probably think im a stalker but i just want to get to know you guys better. Aug 07
  • SCG95 said:
    o yea you guys......ROCK and my opinion.....you are the best band \'round.....Love You Guys.....Sophie Golden (Upstate New york Teen Camp) Good Times.......lol Aug 04
  • SCG95 said:
    Hey Ben it\'s Sophie from Upstate NY camp I just wanted to say hi and tell you how much i appreciated everything your worship your friendship and ....JUST EVERYTHING.... You guys are amazing......You all are really kewl and nice soo ok talk to ya later bye you guys... Aug 04
  • Kelsi :) said:
    Congrats Ben! cant wait to see the pics of ur son! ~Kelsi~ Apr 25
  • Kelsi :) said:
    U guys were great last night!! i love the new songs! too bad the crowd wouldnt get more into it.. but whatever.. bye 4 now. Kelsi Simmert (Mason City) Mar 12
  • krayz kray said:
    you guys are awsome i hope your experince at risingsun church of christ was a positive one Mar 09
  • psychicpsycho said:
    Hey guys! this is a friend from Mason City IL, the kid whose parents own the theater there, and a bird told me that you were coming there for a consert! That\'s great. I can\'t wait for you guys to come. OK, getting down to the point, I just wanted to know if you wanted to join a group I\'m making called HugPatrol. It\'s kinda like a simple group that goes around spreading cheer, like giving hugs, for example. If any of you want to join, just message me. THIS MEANS EVERYONE, INCLUDING FANS, FRIENDS, AND ANYONE INBETWEEN!!! Ok, I\'m done. Bye. Hope to here from ya. Feb 12
  • Haleybug said:
    yay new song!!! Nov 26


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