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Sleeptight Sweetheart

Unfinished and untitled, but so much potential.


Genres: Emo / Post Hardcore / Pop Punk

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Stats: 89 fans / 2,172 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Cameron Walker

Hey Guys,

SleeptightSweetheart is just me... Cameron Walker in his room with a computer, a couple of guitars, some mics and a lot of ideas and ambition. Let me know what your favourite song is, favourite lyric etc, I love hearing that kind of stuff. If not just comment to say hi, I'd love that nearly just as much.

Thanks heaps...

(a.k.a Cameron Walker)

Check me out on myspace.... let me know what you think

altaltCheck me out!


  • CandyGirl92 said:
    Wow you have an amazing voice. Really nice. :) Jul 06
  • KAY said:
    i love this, :) Mar 08
  • Amber S. said:
    :) love your songs. Jan 03
  • winterFR3$H (to deathh). said:
    wow. you're good. Nov 16
  • BrunettesAreBEAST™ said:
    y0ur ahmazing i love you songs&lyrics :] great! Oct 28
  • Daniella said:
    I love your music your amazing Jul 30
  • Liz said:
    luv ur music..u have amazing lyrics!! Jul 11
  • ... said:
    :] your good, i like your songs & your lyrics, keep it up. May 29
  • facee. [rocketships and radios] said:
    awh. love the name. love the songs. you're incredible. :] Apr 17
  • ♥ CaSeY said:
    Amazing=) xoxoxo Apr 11
  • Chelly Sexii Baby♥™ said:
    i lyk ur music !!! Mar 30
  • * iM cRaZy 04 ~ said:
    yay! full songs! Mar 13
  • * iM cRaZy 04 ~ said:
    just as i thought: beautiful beautiful lyrics :) its so good to see them written out... every song is like a story :) Feb 07
  • * iM cRaZy 04 ~ said:
    this is what i think about the Summer Sampler... first of all, I think that ur lyrics are very creative and i think that you should post them on here cuz i think everyone would appreciate your songs more if they could actually see what the song was all about :) I really like the lyrics in \"The Last Song\" it sounds like u are referring to ur own personal expericences with ur girl. i think that personal lyrics like that give ur songs more depth and make them over all better :) my favorite song is the first one cuz i really like the way you did the music on that one its got a good beat.... but yeah u are amazing especially considering that u are doing all of this on ur own with ur computer and guitar... i hope what i said helped u out Feb 06
  • rev21:4 said:
    I love All Roads Lead to you (at least on Wednesdays). Go to a studio, you\'ll make it far. Jan 12

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