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Sleep For Sleepers


Genres: Rock / Indie / Alternative

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Jamey Price

"Conditions" is now available on iTunes! Want a physical copy? Order yours here NOW!

Check out this new lyric video for "Conditions" - created by Timmy Allen! http://vimeo.com/30210498

After a year away from the ever growing music scene, Sleep For Sleepers is back to reclaim the force and foundation they've built through years of time and dedication. With a new found energetic release,"Conditions" not only sets out to impress, but is here to grace the industry's presence with a fresh beginning.

"The Clearing" available on iTunes!


  • JB said:
    You guys are most definitely one of my absolute favorite bands!!!!!!!!!!! May 29
  • Micah Brill said:
    Hey what's up? Please check out my deathcore project This Divided World @ www.facebook.com/thisdividedworld Nov 18
  • BrianaRenea said:
    I'm pretty sure you guys are great. Two thumbs up. Jun 20
  • JaimieHurdt said:
    I'm diggin the tunes :) Jun 20
  • Jessica said:
    I love your guys' sound. Jun 20
  • ohhh-some! said:
    hey everyone survey time! MYSPACE OR PUREVOLUME? RELIENT K OR SKYHAWK DRIVE? send me your answer im counting it lols! no time for spammers lol! Jun 19
  • Frenchgirl said:
    You're music is great, i like it. =). Foreign... =). Jun 19
  • Jonni said:
    For every person who checks us out, I will personally save a cute animal from the the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. purevolume.com/thecalloutnj Jun 18
  • KiLL~KEViN said:
    impressive. Jun 16
  • kelliwhereareyouu?! said:
    the clearing is one of my favorite albums right now. love all of the songs. :D Jun 16
  • ericbeliveau said:
    Hey anyone who wants to listen to some catchy indie rock check out my band at www.purevolume.com/steliot . add us if you like it or message me, cheers!!! Jun 16
  • iPowder said:
    BOUGHT YOUR ALBUM...awesome!!! Jun 16
  • Sarah Smally said:
    My favorites !! Amazing Jun 16
  • jupon said:
    HEY, PLEASE CHECK MY BAND! "GIRLS GOT RHYTHM" www.purevolume.com/GirlsGotRhythm You would like us! Help us to grow bigger! thank you! :) Jun 15
  • Logan Cochran said:
    if you could spare a couple of minutes my friend and i would be very greatfull if you would let us know what u think of our new song "Orange and Green" we r at purevolume.com/theactressfn...thanks! Jun 14


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