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Sleeper Skylight


Genres: Pop / Rock / House

Location: Newmarket, ON

Stats: 248 fans / 3,580 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Mikey, Ryley

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We love our lives, we love to play music. We love our friends and we love every single person who has ever given our band even a second thought. All we want to do is play shows and make friends, so far, it's been going good. If you like us, we love you and if you don't, well than that's your personal choice. Music is our life and we plan to keep on doing what we do, getting out there as much as possible to perform and write songs from the heart. We promise you every time we play that we put our all into it. Right now, we are honestly so happy doing what we are doing and we are going to keep it going. We will never give up on our dream and that's a promise.


Q: When will you be releasing music?

A: We are currently recording our debut EP with producer Matt Grabe (The Maine, A Rocket To The Moon). Our album will be available this July.

Q: When will you guys come to (insert city here)?

A: We can use all the help we can get in terms of booking shows in new places, so if you would like us to come play near you, let us know any cool bands in your area that we should to so we can make friends with them and play a show in your town!

Q: Can I hang out with you guys at a show?

A: If you want to hang out with us, just say so, we love to make new friends and hand out with new people all the time, so just let us know when, and where and we will be there!

Q: How old are you guys?

A: Mikey - 18, Ryley - 18


  • @Lysattack said:
    put up some music (: Oct 22
  • x0hjessica said:
    Hey, You guys handed me a flyer outside The Maine concert in Pontiac, MI. I looked you up, and really like your stuff!! I can't wait to get your EP :] Aug 03
  • brittany said:
    met you guys at bamboozle today, you're actually the sweetest people Jun 17
  • Kevin Wong said:
    the sound of your band is so good. i think like 4 years ago there was this like battle of the bands contest in the GTA you guys should of competed, you are so much better than pyramid theorem Jan 19
  • NiCOOLE;) said:
    Hey Guys! when you coming to australia? i remember asking mickey on twitter & he said he would love for youse to come to aus, so maybe i could work my magic with a few bands down under & maybe try & get you guys a gig. how does that sound ? =D love you all Jan 18
  • __lostinthestereosound♥ said:
    get back together boys. this is too good. ♥ Nov 14
  • ☠Athanasius @-'-,-- is ☞BACK ONLINE!!☜☠ said:
    wow you guys are amazing! ^_^ Nov 03
  • papasheshow said:
    awesome music Aug 26
  • crawl the worrior king said:
    how can u call youselfs hardcore? Jun 30
  • Sabrina said:
    omg i love your music so much! you guys are truely amazingg (: Jun 11
  • Megan Marie said:
    I love your new songs! =] Jun 09
  • said:
    love it :) Jun 02
  • jessica said:
    yoo guys are really fantastic. my fave song of yers is the change in the weather. and all of yoo guys are really young. wow yoo have some crazy talent:] Jun 02
  • Chia. said:
    Thanks for the message ;) I really like your music!!!!! Jun 02
  • XoAzureXo said:
    You guys are pretty great =) Thanks for telling me about yourselves! lol Come to Maui! Pretty please? haha, but I don't rlly know of any bands around here... anyways. Great Music =) xo Azure Jun 02


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Everson, WA


Hong Kong S.A.R., China


United States

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